HBD to Me!

Dropping by for a fast birthday post. 10 Things about this day:

1. For the first time i don't have a plan for my birthday. Just go with the flow.
2. I bought myself Brazo de Mercedes instead of a cake.
3. I don't want people to greet me in facebook so i planned to temporarily deactivate my account.
4. I was about to deactivate my profile but i was afraid that my photos, groups, etc will be lost. So it didn't push through.
5. You can't see my name in your facebook Birthday list coz i changed the settings in my profile.
6. Many still knew about my birthday so my wall was flooded with greetings and it was fun :D
7. I changed back my settings so people can see my bday in their profiles. More greetings came and i have to thanks each and everyone of them.
8. We had pancit at the office for merienda. Thanks SIMP!
9. Every year i measure my height. Last year it decreased drastically. Now, it decreased a bit. I guess i'm growing small already...
10. I posted this blog while waiting for my dinner party here with my family and relatives.

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