"Les Mannequins" Fashion Film

Seed Interactive and Top Model Search has once again raised fashion and modeling in Zamboanga a notch higher. We are pushing the models in their fullest potiential, giving them a taste of what the fashion industry is really like. This year, they are not only exposed in photoshoots and runway training, they were also tested with their ability to move in front of the camera, taking directions while remaining their model composure.

We had a simple video shoot of the models that will be used for the opening billboard (OBB), the video that will be shown at the start of the show to give a sneak peek of the models. Aside from the OBB, we also had a video shoot of last year's winner of Top Model in a fashion film or "motion editorial". Just imagine the pages of the magazine as a moving picture. Here's the final edit of the film which is titled "Les Mannequins". Check out the rest of the story after the jump...

A motion editorial is basically a montage of videos put together to convey images of fashion though posing and acting out emotions while having a consistent theme all throughout the video. It is a first in Zamboanga and perhaps, in Mindanao or Philippines. There were six winners (3 guys and 3 girls) but only five of them showed up in the shoot. The idea of making the video was came up weeks before the show so we had to rush everything. We didn't have a script or storyboard but we had a concept in mind. The show will be having three exposures: the Production in their bad boy/girl look; the Swimwear (good boy/girl look); and the Formal Couture which is nature inspired. We used the three themes as our basis in making the film.

For the girls, we just told them and their designers to show up in the location with their makeup on and bring a couple of dresses (inpired by nature or whatever they want to showcase). Their fashion designers (Mandrake, Altom and Federico) were so nice to support our production and provided the beautiful gowns. For the guys, we borrowed some jackets and coats from Sir Bondoc and mixed and match some of our accesories. My sneakers even had a special appearance. :D We had the shoot accomplished in a matter of days then it was all up to me. It is a challenge to patch them all the pieces together and come up with one cohesive film.

Time was ticking so fast that I only had 24 hours to edit the video. I stayed uplate in the office, had a short nap and continued editing non-stop the rest of the day. I finished editing 8PM and the show will start already. I'm still at the office and I have to go home, eat dinner, and take a bath while rendering the video. I went to Astoria Plaza via tricycle with my laptop in my hands still rendering the video. Good thing the show hasn't started yet. I thought I missed the showing of the OBB because i'm 30 minutes late. But as expected, the show started an hour late.

The show started with the OBB, and it was really heart-pounding to see our video on that huge screen. It was epic and the audience liked it (based on their reaction). But a bigger, epic failure happened afterwards.. DEAD AIR. The mood has been established and the crowd has been pumped up but nothing followed afterwards so the momentum went down again. It was such a waste. The OBB was supposed to be the signal of the start of the show but that dead air killed it. Everybody was like looking at us expecting another video or whatever. It was an embarassment.

Anyways, that's just the downside of it. I'm happy on how the show was done and the candidates were at their best. They performed like pro's (most of them). Before the final walk of the past winners, the fashion film was played and im really happy with all the feedbacks we received. I enjoyed the creations of the designers and i am happy with the results.

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