Folding Sheets

sometimes i wonder if i am enough
to be the person who you deserve
the one you can trust when times are tough
whom you can share your laughter

true, i have done lots of stupid things
and you cant forget the pain you felt
a punch in your heart, a bee sting
instantly froze our reluctant hearts

its like a drop of ink in a white cloth
that stained our once perfect bond
so vivid you cant take your eyes off
as i try to wash this with my hands

but still the stain remains the same
still not enough so i wash it again, and again
and you're standing there watching me change
so we're back to the old times like how we began

i knew it was not enough, like a scar
i cant erase no matter how i tried
and as i watch the old cloth dry under the star
you were spraying ink on the other side

i thought it was enough like you were for me
the perfect one i cant give any doubt
on my back you are folding other sheets
im look okay but inside im freaking out

how long can i take the darts of pain behind
as you're constantly doing the things you said
that i should do, but you thought i was blind
im just here waiting, for you to change your mind

- o -
artwork credits to ~navidoutlaw "blind"

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