Manila Trip Day 1: Ohana

January 6-11, 2012. This served as my late christmas vacay since my december was filled with tons of work. Me, my sister, my parents and some relatives across mindanao headed north to attend the wedding of our uncle kuyo. I made their simple wedding invitations last christmas as you can see here.

Day 1. [01.06.12]
Me and my parents took the first flight to Manila via Cebu Pac. My sister was already waiting at the airport. Her flight was earlier coming from Cebu where she works as a transcriptionist. Uncle Roger, Papa's cousin, welcomed us and brought us to their condo unit at the Ohana Place, Alabang Zapote Rd, Las Piñas City. Alabang is known as a class A area. Ohana is located near SM Southmall. The place was really beautiful with a clubhouse, basketball court, playground and pool at the middle. If you watch Lilo and Stitch, you'll know what Ohana means. We got to meet Uncle Roger's wife, Tita Flor and their two boys, Rovick and Orvick. The young boys are home schooled, so they are very smart yet athletic, friendly boys.

We went back to the Airport and fetched our relatives from Iligan and Zamboanga who took the 2nd flight. We then proceed to the Staff House of Pagadian LGU at the Lopez Court, Roxas Blvd, Pasay City. I always stay there when I'm in Manila, and it's for free! Thanks to Sir Fred Tabasa for accomodating us! Then, we had chinese food for lunch at Toho Restaurant at Las Piñas. Afterwards, we went back to Ohana and had more good eats at the pool side. Me, Ate and Mama went picture taking.

In the evening, we went to the Mall of Asia and had dinner at one of the restaurants at the seaside area. I have been in MOA many times already but its my first time in that area. It already has a huge ferris wheel that reminds me of the one in London. It's so huge and it turns so slow. It may take 20-30 minutes to make a full turn, i guess. The railing of the ferris wheel has colorful LED lights that looks spectacular. While waiting for the food, Ate and I went strolling in the area which looks like an open carnival full of rides, food stalls and fun booths. We don't have the budget and time so Ate and I just took photos.

There were street performers like the robotic guy who will dance if you drop money in his box and the Jabbawockeez-like duo who danced to the tune of OPM love songs. There was also a zipline, carousel, kids inside inflated balls floating in a pool, scooters for rent, mini rides and more. The place is very festive with the glittering lights of the huge Christmas Tree and christmas lights all over the place. We went back to the restaurant just in time for eating. With our tummies filled, we went back to the staff house and had a good night's rest in preparation for the next day's big event.
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