Louie and Alelie SDE

Catholic weddings don't usually permit couples to have their vows customized. I'm happy that many of the weddings we cover have them which makes their SDE more personalized. Louie and Alelie are a jolly couple and you can see in their smiles how truly happy they are in their special day. Alelie even gave a song during her vows as you can see in the SDE. Enough spoiler, just watch this video produced by the Trebor Z team.

Louie and Alelie

CHURCH St. Ignatius Parish Church | RECEPTION Astoria Plaza | COORDINATOR Rodelyn Macapili of Chelsea's Corner | PHOTOGRAPHY Vista de Lente | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals | VIDEOGRAPHERS Carlo, Robert, Dondee, Reyneh | EDITOR Ced Zabala
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