Joenahs and Karen SDE

I really like the quote from the priest during the mass. He said, "Marriage can be likened to a ride. Sometimes it is like a car and sometimes it is like a rollercoaster." And this wedding was a roller coaster ride for me. You can't predict when technology will fail you. Read more about my experience this day after the video.

Joenahs and Karen
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CHURCH St. Joseph Parish Church | RECEPTION Astoria Regency,Zamboanga City | COORDINATOR Raymond Rabanal | PHOTOGRAPHY Vista De Lente | FLOWERS Patti Mae | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals | VIDEOGRAPHERS Carlo, Dondee, Darz, Alleks, Reyneh | EDITOR Ced Zabala

I was about to install Premiere CS5 in newly formatted laptop and unexpectedly, the installer i bought was corrupted. Good thing, one of our videographers has an installer for Premiere CS6. When I installed it, another error came up. Accordingly, the installer is also corrupted. So he has to go back to the office and get another installer which is still downloading in the office.

For the second time, we tried to install Premiere CS6 and it was a success. I started to edit the SDE until we reached the church. When we're about to go to the reception, i realized the laptop was not charging. We tried to troubleshoot it at the reception venue but the battery was draining low. There is no time to transfer all the files and use the other laptop we have. We tried to use the other power cord and it still doesn't charge. This is the first time a problem like this happened. We lost hope and said to the coordinator that i cant continue editing andthere will be no SDE today coz the the laptop was broken.

Then, Trebor thought of going to PC 911 and maybe they can help us. I was anxiously waiting at the reception thinking of other ways so i we can have an SDE today. The guys at PC911 only asked if there is another power cord of the same brand. They used the power cord of the other laptop and surprisingly the laptop recognized it. We we're wondering why it didn't work a while ago. And so, Trebor went back to the reception area and i continued my editing. I finished a little late because of the wasted time but we managed to come up with this SDE. Whew! We almost didn't have an SDE! What a crazy day!
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