Onat and Jen SDE

For me, this is probably our best work so far :) There's just a time when everything falls perfectly into place. We have a great couple, a great video team and suppliers who works to make this wedding perfect. I want to elaborate more about Onat and Jen's SDE but, i'll just quote the words of our boss, Trebz:

"Some clients or couples always ask on how can we make their wedding videos like of Richard & Maya, Maricar & Richard Poon or similar to any celebrity weddings, our opinion was simple, weddings are unscripted... we're just there to document it... the flow of the entire preps and ceremony will depend on how beautiful your wedding will be... though we can't make you like those of superstars but we can try our best to capture those moments and make it a special one... Here's a sample of pure happiness and love, simple yet intimate... We bring you Onat & Jen's Same Day Edit.."

Onat & Jen Wedding

PREPS Garden Orchid Hotel | CHURCH St. Josepg Parish Church, Zamboanga City | COORDINATOR & EVENT STYLIST Adventures Unlimited by Marlo Luna | HAIR & MAKEUP Goyang Fernandez | PHOTOGRAPHY Richard Ledesma | PHOTOBOOTH Jess Yu | LIGHTS & SOUNDS Sure Audio Mobile by Donjie | EMCEE Jay Silva | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals | SHOOTERS Trebz, Alleks, Jaime and Joan | EDITOR csz97
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