Timmy and Marian SDE

Presenting the first ever aerial shots used in a Zamboanga Wedding! Timmy and Marian were such a fun couple. During her wedding day, Marian is just filled with lots of emotions. She's so happy and positive as she was having her makeup. She said that she felt like she's the most beautiful girl in the world. She smiled ceaselessly and was just super excited for the wedding to start. While recording a short message for his soon to be husband, she can't stop her tears. Timmy, on the other hand, was sweating while giving his message. He was filled with mixed emotions.

The couple were also fortunate to have the first wedding video featuring aerial shots taken using a drone equipped with an HD camera. Vista de Lente is the first to offer this kind of video shots and I'm overwhelmed to be the one to edit the SDE. Thanks Sir Reymond for the opportunity and im looking forward to more projects! Watch Timmy and Marian's SDE here.

Timmy and Marian

VENUE Lantaka Hotel by the Sea | COORDINATOR G-Events Specialista | PHOTO & VIDEO Vista de Lente | SHOOTERS Dondee, Jolas, Sir Reymond | EDITOR csz97
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