CineChavacano Film and Animation Festival

June 23, 2015 - The city celebrates today the 4th Dia de Fundacion de Chavacano, in commemoration of the laying of the first cornerstone of Fuerza de San Jose on June 23, 1635, which, in 1719, was renamed Real Fuerza de Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Zaragosa (Fort Pilar). The City Government prepared a lineup of activities for the special day including the first CineChavacano Film and Animation Festival. The film festival is the second film festival headed by the city this year after the successful Zamboanga Film Festival held during the Dia de la Ciudad de Zamboanga.

CineChavacano is unique because it features films using the Chavacano language. There are two categories: Live Action and Animation. In the animation category, the scope of content extended not only to short films but also to infographics or infommercials with Chavacano language. Among the seventeen applicants, seven entries animation and three live action films made it to the finals. Here are the finalists of CineChavacano:

"Mal Sueño" (Nightmare) by Ryan Covarrubias

"El Muerte del un Mariposa" (The Dead Butterfly) by Jorzheema Hamid

"Tagu-taguan" (Hide and Seek) by Aljhun Rey Canillo

"Tienda de Juguete" (Toy Store) by Dale Aldrin Maniego

"Comida Zamboanga" by Danie Alted Nebrija (Watch here)

"Movimiento" (Movement) by Aljhun Rey Canillo

"Terminado y Hecho" by Anthony Neil Drapiza

"Juego de Rol" (Role-playing Game) by Abraham Ysmael Alvarez

"El Niño Pescador" by Jerome Peniones

"Cuando Contigo" (When with you) by Jorzheema Hamid

In the end, "El Muerte del un Mariposa" by Jorzheema Hamid grabbed the Grand Prize for the live action category while Dale Maniego's "El Tienda de Juguete" won the Grand Prize for the animation category. Congratulations to all the finalists and winners and we hope to see you next year in our film festivals! Continue to create Chavacano films and tell the stories of Zamboanga through this craft! Viva Cine Chavacano!

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