2016 CineChavacano Festival de Película y Animación

By virtue of Ordinance 374, the 23rd of June is officially recognized as the city’s Dia de Fundacion de Chavacano to commemorate the founding and encourage the use of the Chavacano language.

For the second year, the local government is hosting the Cine Chavacano to showcase our local language through short films produced, written, and directed by homegrown filmmakers.

Love and hatred, flaw and beauty, friendship and adversary, failure and success. Now on its 2nd year, CineChavacano Festival de Película y Animación features an array of Chavacano stories, which will be screened at the Centro Latino Theater Room, Paseo del Mar from June 20 to 23, 2016. Here are the finalists of this year's CineChavacano.

PELÍCULAS (Live Action Category)

Tiempo (Time)
Directed by Tennyl Dehm Canlas

Synopsis: Sam, a 20-year-old college girl discovers that she can turn back time but little did she know that there are consequences along the way.

Entre Medio del Fin (In the middle of an end)
Directed by Ryanne Murcia

Synopsis: Khalil and Danny are left to figure out their lives after Ayesha, who promised to give them her child, decided to go back with Omar, the father of the child, who left her before.

Su Puesto (In their place)
Directed by Kendrick Rico

Synopsis: Five personas face their daily struggles in life such as bullying, abuse and prejudice. Each of them represents different problems and issues in this world that needs solution.

El Cara de Mama (The face of my mother)
Directed by Kimberly R. Kilat

Synopsis: In the process of knowing one’s self is also knowing one’s root.

Sombra (shadow)
Directed by Sheena Mae Alcala

Synopsis: With recurring shifts of personality, Miko shows his hidden alter-self, his shadow, which brought him to finding his seemingly predominant personality, pushing him to plot revenge.

Escondido Amor (Hidden Love)
Directed by Icy Mae Colipano

Synopsis: A coming out story of a gay guy,explore the bizarre characteristics of love in the most exotic and erotic way.

Lengua Pranka (The Forthright Tongue)
Directed by Pristine Padua
Co-directed by Lee Why Halasan

Synopsis: Pepita, more fondly called Pipay, is forced to live in Zamboanga, a place she has never been to nor whose language she understands; here she must work hard for her education, and she must work harder to understand and be understood.

Next Time
Directed by Mark Kim Tayona

Synopsis: We choose the moments that we want to remember. A guy meets a girl at twelve midnight in a twenty-four hour store. They rewind time with their stories until they’re both synced. We choose the moments we want to remember; and after every great moment, we wish for a next time.

ANIMACIÓN (Animation Category)

Despedido (Departed)
Directed by Ryan Covarrubias

Synopsis: A story about defeating self-doubt or defeating your old self.

El Bloques (The blocks)
Directed by Danica Jane Follero

Synopsis: The story is about a little girl who is playing alone inside her room. Despite her solitariness, she learns to accept what she has and where she is.

El Amenazo (The Threat)
Directed by Kendrick Rico

Synopsis: The blood cells play their roles to help maintain the health of a human body. One day, a white blood cell had an abnormal mutation and turned into a dangerous cancer cell.

Dividido (Divided)
Directed by Aljhun Rey Canillo

Synopsis: In a society where the poor and the rich are divided and separated by a tall wall, two boys, Anton and Olot, developed an unexpected friendship.

Fallares (Flaw? Where?)
Directed by Jade Christel de Guzman

Synopsis: A personal dilemma leads a girl to discover what it takes to bloom.

Watch the Omnibus Trailer of ‪#‎CineChavacano2016‬. Open public screening will be held on June 20-22, 5PM at Centro Latino Theater Room, Paseo del Mar. Viva el Cinema Chavacano! Viva el Dia de Fundacion de Chavacano!

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