Zamboanga Festival de las Bellas y Flores 2016

Designer Erich Miñoza claims his third straight win in the annual Bellas y Flores competition held Saturday, May 28.

Miñoza emerged once again as the top contender for the gown competition category of the Bellas y Flores festival with a design which drew top marks and celebrated the City’s g1ggcolorful and vibrant culture. Miñoza bested eight other designers, and celebrated a grand slam win, having consistently placed first in the gown design competition since 2014.

Frederico Navarro and Geronie Labora placed second and third place, respectively.

The Festival de las Bellas y Flores served as one of the highlights and culminating activities of the 2016 Summer Festival. A local version of the Santacruzan, the festival kicked off with the parade from City Hall to the Paseo del Mar for the final show and program.

For the Arco competition, Rey Mascardo claimed the top spot, with Jonard Bazan and Ramisses Ramillano clinching podium finishes.

All models who joined the Bellas y Flores festival were also automatically entered for the Prettiest Señorita competition. Emerging as winner for her beauty and grace was Lyka Nichole Francisco. Runner ups were Jeromei Thea Fabrigas and Reasel Ann Halagna.

All winners received cash prizes and plaques of recognition.

Gown entries were judged for their craftsmanship, concept and design, aesthetic appeal, and impact. Arco entries, on the other hand, were scrutinized for originality, creativity, craftsmanship, and impact. (Jasmine Mohammadsali)

Here are the 10 entries who competed in the Gown and Prettiest Señorita competitions. Click photo for bigger view. Photos by Tennyl Dehm Canlas.

Señorita Dana Champagne Amba wearing a multi-colored bouffant gown by Robelle Verar.

The monochromatic shades of each color in "Flores de Amores" reveals the multi-cultural diversity in our city. The interwoven sleeves tell what Zamboanga is, the equal treatment among rich and poor, the powerful and the rich.

Señorita Alana Kyle Ordoñia-Lo in an intricately embellished orange gown by Gerry Carpio.

"La Puesta del Sol" is inspired by the beautiful sunset that signals that the day is about to end. The colors signify the rays of the sun and the unending journey of each Zamboangueño.

Señorita Joy Navales wearing a monochromatic pink gown by Leo Toledo.

"Perla y Mariposa" has butterflies around the skirt and its sleeves are covered with frosted lace matched with the monochromatic rhinestones. The gown embodies purity, fairness; a simple yet elegant gown which makes it different among the rest.

Señorita Ann Villanueva in a well-crafted Vicky Tonggal gown.

This gold-beaded gown named "Dayang" is indeed fit for a Pricesita Zamboangueña.

Señorita Lyka Nichole Francisco wearing a purple gown by Raustin Siocon III.

"Flor de Luna" which means "flower beneath the moon" is a mysterious queen endowed with beauty, grace and seductive charm. The color symbolizes royalty, mystery, fierceness and the strong personality of a woman who lives in the ancient Hispanic era.

The graceful beauty of a Zamboangueña royalty.

Señorita Ma. Jhullana Francesca wearing "Manojo de Flores", a creation of coutureier Wendy Designaño. With its classy white Spanish laces and beaded colored laces, this magnificent creation expresses that Zamboanga City is one of the most unique city in the world for being "Asia's Latin City."

Señorita Jeromei Thea Fabrigas in a Geronie Labora masterpiece "Unica Hija".

Heavily accentuated with thousands of hand-made flowerettes, this haute couture magnum opus represents the beauty of the flowers of May. Being the only daughter, "Unica Hija" is a manifestation of the elegance and grandiose of her proud family.

Señorita Reasel Ann Halagna wearing a fiery gown by Erich Miñoza.

"Pilla" (Naughty), reflects the story of Reina Judith of Bethulia in the Bible who fought and saved her city by slaying the cruel Assyrian general Holofernes with a sword. The fiery red color of "Pilla" mirrors not only streaks of a woman's playful naughtiness and mischief but also her power, strength and courage when need arises.

Señorita Fatima Aisha Idjira wearing a lemon-yellow gown by Federico Navarro.

"Pajaro", a Chavacano word for "birds", symbolizes peace and freedom. The color of this Philippine terno stands for freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, enlightenment, honor and loyalty.

The concept for the embellishment on the skirt is a landscape scenario of trees, flocked with birds done in silkscreen print and metallic digital cut-outs. Exquisite beadworks adorn the entire ensemble, which gives one a feeling of joy and contentment on seeing our lovely nature while the sun starts to set.

Señorita Rachael Uy wearing a Neri Jaruda gown.

A last look of the beautiful ladies before announcing the winners.

Winners of Arco Competition (left-right): Jonard Bazan - 2nd Place for "Corona"; Ramissses Ramillano - 3rd Place for "Hermosa La Zamboanga"; and Rey Mascardo - 1st Place for "La Risa del Aurora"

Prettiest Señoritas (L-R): Lyka Nichole Francisco (1st Place) for Raustin Siocon III;  Jeromei Thea Fabrigas (2nd Place) for Geroni Labora; and Reasel Ann Halagna (3rd Place) for Erich Miñoza.

Gown competition 3rd Place - Geronie Labora's "Unica Hija"

Gown competition 2nd Place - Federico Navarro's "Pajaro"

Gown Competition 1st Place - Erich Miñoza's "Pilla"

Congratulations to all winners and participants! As the summer comes to an end, we wish a bountiful and colorful seasons ahead!
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