Palawan 2016: El Nido

After the busy summer and month of June, I had the chance to take a break and get to travel to my dream destination, Palawan! Together with my travel buddy/photographer, @josephlou, we went to Puerto Princesa City and El Nido last July 7 to 10. Here's the photo story of our first day in Palawan.

From Zambo to Manila... from Manila, finally we arrived at Puerto Princesa!

Upon arrival, we headed directly to El Nido via van. We arrived by 6pm and caught a glimpse of the karstic islands by the horizon.

We checked-in at Together Pension and had dinner with Jot's highschool teacher, a Jesuit Priest, Fr. James.

Woke up with this view. The huge limestone cliff at the background. Unfortunately, all tours we're cancelled :( but we don't have anything to lose so better seize the day!

We decided to go Sunset Bar where I saw the beautiful view from the previous night's travel.

Love the view! That cliff is the one seen from the pension house.

Then, we went down to a Lugadia Beach cottages to check out the view from the shore.

Time for some snacks! We went to Artcafรฉ, the most recommended resto in foursquare app. Indeed, it was a nice place to chill! But before we ate, we bought some postcards at the boutique in the ground floor.

Staircase leading to the cafรฉ.

We ordered some crepes and delicious home-made icecream in three flavors of our choice. We had langka, cookies and cream and avocado. Yum!


Stage area with nice decors.

We explored the rest of the area and checked out the shore view of Artcafรฉ right infront of the main building.

We were surprised to see this amazing view! That's the Cadlao Island from afar. FYI: El Nido is currently ranked #1 in Condรฉ Nast Traveler's list of "20 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World."

We only had a little time left before our trip back to the city, so we had a short swim at the beach after our photo session.

We bought a dome lens for the GoPro and tried it here for the first time.

At the municipal hall of El Nido.

After the swim, naturally, we got hungry. We passed by a carinderia and i noticed a strange viand. I asked what it is and they said it is shark meat in coconut milk, a local delicacy. With no doubt, we tried it, and it's yummy! Another first for us!

Lunch time! *nomnom*

Dropped the postcards at the local post office.

To be continued...
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