Palawan 2016: Honday Bay Tour

Our El Nido Tour got cancelled but good thing we had one more island hopping tour in our itinerary. The weather was cloudy which i like coz i won't get burned by the sun.hehe We were fetched by the tour van by 730AM and arrived at Honda Bay port where a boat was waiting for us. During peak seasons, the queue gets very long and you have to wait for your turn. Then, we're off to our first stop, the Starfish Island.

At the Honda Bay Port Reception

Our service for the day...

Time for snorkelling! We have to feed the fishes with bread to attract them. It was kinda hard to stay in one place because of the current.



Looking good!

Freaking cool.

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Marlin and Nemo weren't excited when we approached them. Traumatized with humans, perhaps.hehe

The next island was Luli Island from the words "lulubog lilitaw" which means something like "to submerge/sink" and "to resurface" which happens to the island during high and low tides.


It has a sand bar, floating cottages and a diving board.

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We got fishes under our canoe..

Just keep swimming...

Cool shot.

I only float in seawater ;)

Me most of the time T_T


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