Jack and Jack

After the directing workshop, we had a clear picture on film-making. Last week, we had an activity on storyboarding in our Video Production class (ITMM105). My group mates were Ric, Patrick, Richard, Matthew, Jervin, Caroline, Christian, Ervyn and David. The next meeting, we had our shoot based on our storyboard at the backfield of the school campus. The short film is titled "Jack and Jack," our version of the old nursery rhyme "Jack and Jill." We also learned Adobe Premiere to edit our videos. Here is my output. Enjoy!

In this video, i used the effect RGB curves to manipulate the colors of the video to have an old film effect. Instead of voice sync, i used captions, similar to silent movies during the early age of film. My style is "back to basics" where the music is used to express the mood of the film. I also learned to use jump cuts and speed alterations. Based on my research, old films looks like it has been "fast-forward" because the frame rate is lower. Usually, videos are played 30 frames per second. Anyways, I also enjoyed editing the video because i learned the flaws of our shoot. There are inconsistencies but it is up to the editor to cover these are. A little bit of creativity could be use. I hope you enjoyed our first short film. I'm looking forward to your comments and suggestions. :D

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