Marejada Experience

At the end of the school year, Beacon publishes beautiful artworks, poems and creative short stories that were contributed by the students, alumnus and faculty members of AdZU. "Marejada" is the literary folio of the student publication of Ateneo de Zamboanga University, that aims to showcase the diverse talents of Ateneans in the field of literature and fine arts. Last year, the theme was seven deadly sins. The editor, MR Andrada expressed that the "Marejada 2007 explores the world of man's misdeeds, seeking not to celebrate its darkness, but rather shed light into what drives man to commit acts so strangely humane..."

This year's theme is Memories, with Agnetha de Castro as the editor in chief. We had a photo shoot at a hundred-year-old house at the Rizal street at Petit Barracks and enjoyed the view of the Zamboanga seas and the fine cuisine at the Lantaka Hotel. With our hard work and passion for art, we hope to bring this year's Marejada with reminiscence and a glimpse of the past to remind us of beautiful memories today before they will be gone forever. Below are some of the photos that we took and some sneak peeks of this year's Marejada. Enjoy!

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