Supernova Dreams

I want to dream big but sometimes i know i just can't coz it seems impossible. i don't have the capacity to be a great person, im not a socially-gifted guy who can befriend anyone who meets on his way and im not that intelligent nor smart enough to decide on my own. im too independently dependent. i cant be on my own. im used to be spoon fed and im too lazy sometimes. i have dreams that i cant imagine. im scared to be very attached with those dreams coz i might fail and disappoint myself or others. im too pessimistic sometimes to dream big maybe because im used to live a simple life. contentment is a word that i don't really understand. can i be rich and successful but at the same time simple? what is a simple life? is it bad not to be simple? I have dreams way bigger than what people think i can be. i want but can i?

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