Oh August!

Time really do fly fast. It's already August which is my favorite month. :D It is a month of deviousness, lefthandedness and arts. It really fits my personality. Most espciall, it is my favorite because my birthday falls in this month. Because of my excitement about this month, i wanna give you some factoids about August.
  • August 2010 has 5 sundays, 5 mondays and 5 tuesdays.
  • In US, August is the National Goat Cheese Month.
  • In August 9, the date will be 08/09/10.
  • Deviant Art will celebrate its 10th year on August 7.
  • August 13 is international lefthandedness day.
  • August is Panini Month, Audio Appreciation Month, and Get Ready for Kindergarten month
  • Gladiolus is the birth flower of august which means beauty, strength of character, love and marriage.
  • The Chinese believe that August is an unlucky month.

Anyways, August 7-13 is the Manila Design Week and im sad that i can't go and join the activities, especially Graphika Manila. But i know there are more blessings that will come to me this month. I'll also be having a small personal project as a countdown to my 2nd decade as a living thing on earth. I call it the 12 Doodles of August, which i will post in my doodle blog. So check out my blogs daily to see the progress of my project. I really appreciate comments and people sharing their thoughts about my doodles. For now i will leave you with 12 Doodles of August Day 1: All-Seeing City. Click the image to view my doodle blog.

credits to Jonny Wan for the illustrative letterings.

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