Michael and Aiza Onsite Video

Last saturday, July 7, 2010, we had our first chance to do an onsite video presentation of a wedding coordinated by Adventures Unlimited. We used a Nikon D90 camera for this one. Jan Santos was the onsite videographer while I help directing the shots. The song that is used is "The Bird and the Worm" by Owl City. I wanted to use a real bird for the shots but its hard to manage so we used a paper plane instead. The concept of this video is about the couple who is always followed by a paper plane. From hotel to the church, up to the reception, they always see the plane flying by them. In the end, the paper plane finally lands in front of the couple. Within the paper plane is a message that will finally be revealed to them. Hope you enjoy the vid!

Here are some of the Prenuptial Photos of Mike and Aiza by Joe-Art Production.

Full Credits:
Michael and Aiza Wedding
August 7, 2010
Preparation: Garden Orchid Hotel
Wedding Ceremony: St. Joseph Church
Reception: Astoria Plaza

Event coordinator: Adventures Unlimited
Flowers: Pattimae's
Sounds and Lights: Sure Mobile
Photography: Joe-Art Production
Videography: Seed Interactive

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