My First Photo Coverage

Since our manager (who is also a photographer) is out of town during the event, and the other photographers are either sick or unavailable, I have no choice but to be the photographer for the day. I am anxious to do the job because it's my first time and i don't really know how to use the DSLR camera. Vincent was the primary cam and i was the 2nd unit. He helped me in adjusting the settings since i have no idea on how to combine certain settings on different conditions. When i started to do some test shots i knew that i will really have a hard time. My vision becomes blurry after i peek at the view finder, and it becomes worse after a long period of time even with my glasses on. So what I did is to look at a thing from a distance and allow my eyes to adjust. It was just painful to adjust my vision. So as i expected, my shots are just as blurred as my vision. Fortunately, i had some good shots and enhanced them with the help of some digital tricks.

It was fun to be a photographer for once but the vision is just a problem for me. I guess i need to replace my glasses with contacts but im still not sure if the sudden blurring will happen again. For now, i think i have to stick with point and shoot cameras. I'll just do what i do better for the meantime, making AVP's, editing photos, laying out albums and graphic design. So here are some of my creative shots that came out pretty well. More photos after the jump, enjoy!

Wally and Josie Duncombe
Golden Wedding Anniversary
July 16, 2010, Lantaka Hotel
Photography and Videography by Seed Interactive
Photo: Vince and Cedz
Video: Johnery, Jessa and Kay
Editing: Ryann Elumba

For more photos visit the facebook page of Seed Interactive.


PS. I'm on my third day of my 12 days of August. Visit my doodle blog to see the series. Thnx!
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