The End is Near

2:36 AM
I can't still move on about this end thing. My last post is basically about my college life. Here i would like to share my latest artwork which i created in commemoration of Earth Day. This is a typographic artwork which i created to remind people of the consequences of our actions today. Because of the things that we do to nature, we are slowly putting it to an end. It is our time to change our deeds and learn how to live green. We can do this by supporting Earth Hour, a worldwide event where people switches their lights off for an hour. It will happen on March 27, 8:30-9:30 PM (here in the Philippines GMT +8:00). Imagine how many kilowatts of energy will be saved if all the lights will switched off in an hour. Earth hour is a special time to save the earth. For more info, visit this website and learn how you can contribute to this special occasion.

Going back to my artworks, i created them one in illustrator and photoshop. The typography is a customized font that i made using the brush strokes and later added colors to create a more organic look. I can't make up my mind on what background to use so i created two versions. The first one is more light and dry while the second one is more intense. Click on the images for full view and credits.

The end is near I fear
I cannot hear the dreadful
tear drop to the floor the poor
poor dear the end is near that
she said she feared that she could
not hear the that dreadful tear.

- by Tracy, USA

It's the end of my college life

11:09 PM
Well the title says it all. On march 27, i will finally be graduating with a bachelor's degree in Information Technology major in Multimedia and Computer Animation. I have mixed emotions right now. I don't know if it's a good thing or bad. First of all, i feel too young to be "out there", though i had experiences already in the real world. I feel as if i'm a rotting green mango, unripe but exhausted. I'm kinda tired of studying but im worrying that i wont be studying after this. I am afraid that my mind will be unused. I will really miss those handouts and photocopies that i used to study at night that also serves as an alternative for story books or sleeping pills. In those times I really feel like a real student. I feel so intelligent when i'm at the library two hours before the exams to start studying my exams. There is this adrenaline rushing through me that will make the words that i read make sense for the first time. I hate exams but ill miss them for sure. I hate my minor subjects but i will miss the feeling of worry that i might have a low grade. I'll miss visiting the e-class and my account to check my grades. its like opening a present. there's too much too miss in college life, the freedom, the schedules, the clubs (orgs), my friends and the list goes on. I like to thank my very close friends who were with me during my four year journey in Ateneo, the jorjes and the losers, who were the best and the worst people you could ever have. We are so different but you will never have a dull moment with them, it may be good or bad. Thank you also to my benefactor who supported me financially. My scholarship is a blessing that i will treasure for all my life. I thank my teachers, schoolmates, and friends who made my college life complete. Of course, i thank my family who is always there for me and for always believing in me. And most importantly, thanks to God, for this life, for this experience and the blessing that i will continue to share to everyone. Now is the end but more importantly a start of a new journey in life...

Photo: The End by m0thyyku.

Vexel: Kata

11:40 PM
I haven't been exercising my vexelling skills for a while so i decided to make this one. This photo has been in my hard drive for a long time since i discovered it. Its a gorgeous portrait of my favorite model, Katarzyna Dolinska of ANTM Cycle 10. I love this pic because it is so surreal and it is very high fashion. I really liked the hair and makeup in this one that's why i kept this in case i have the mood to vexel it. Since I already finished my projects (did i mention that i'll be graduating 2 weeks from now? weee), i. This is my 2nd vexel of her. Click here to view the first one. Here's the artwork:

Click here for full view :D

Click here to see Katarzyna's model profile.

Mayari in Cinemarehiyon 2010

6:07 PM
I'm so happy that our short animation, Mayari, was included in the lineup of Cinema Rehiyon 2010. It is a national film festival showcasing the side of Philippine independent cinema that you've never seen before held at the CCP Tanghalang Manuel Conde (Dream Theater) last Feb 17-20, 2010. Cinema Rehiyon is a project of the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts, Crossing Negros Cultural Foundation, Inc. and the Cultural Center of the Philippines. To be shown during the film festival are over 70 short and full-length films, most of which are screening in Metro Manila for the first time. Stories about home, by people who live in them, spoken in their native tongue.

Our short film Mayari was included in the category "Crossing Borders." The story is based on a Pampangan myth about the epic duel of the gods of the heavens. Mayari became also a finalist during last year's Animahenasyon, an animation festival.

I hope that next year more films from Mindanao especially in Zamboanga in film festivals like this. We have all the talent and content but we need to expose these talents. Let us create more film so we can also tell the world our stories.

You can watch the film here:

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