4:27 PM

Last night i had this crazy dream. But this one is clear and i can remember some parts of it. Me, my family and friends are having this sort of trip in a town. We'll be staying in this house with an old looking facade with nice rooms. The facade is made of wood that looks like the wild wild west bars. As we approached the house, a man in the front door welcomed us. It was very eerie. He showed me a frame with a newspaper article in it. I saw a picture of the old house with many women wearing an old fashioned dress lying all over the house. Some were lying in the roof, some in the lobby and some inside the house. Accordingly, a mass murder happened years ago in that house and the bodies were left everywhere. The pictures in the frame were so disturbing i can't believe we'll be staying in this house for days.

Then, what i can remember is that we are sleeping in a room. The room has white walls and we were lying comfortably in the floor where the bed. The next day we are out on a trip. There was a pier a few meters away from our home. There were this boats that are made of wood waiting for us. We'll be riding this big boat. The pier has this building and there's a bridge from the second floor to the big boat. We are now in the boat and i was just looking around. Suddenly, i realized that i forgot to bring my bags. I asked them to wait for me. They said that i should hurry up because the boat will be leaving in a while. I rushed to the creepy house and got my packs alone. I ran and the boat was already moving. I jumped to the boat which almost left me behind. Then i looked at the pier and i saw that i there's no 2nd second floor bridge thingy that i should have used. I realized that i'm on the wrong boat! We are leaving fast and i can see the big boat from a distance. I am all alone and i don't know what to do...

There are more of this dream but this is the part that struck me most. I hate this dreams where i am lost. I don't know where the heck i am. The place is so quiet and im just moving forward without any idea what's goin to happen. I woke up and it's already noon time. My right hand hurts and i can feel this pain when i move my thumb. I feel so lost. Now, im in the office to continue my work. I'm doing this shirt designs for my cousin but i can't fully concentrate. I cant produce a good design and its already 2 hours! I'm just surfin the net, checking my facebook account, and i suddenly remembered my dream. I googled "dream interpretation" and looked for the meaning of being lost in a dream. Here is the result:

To dream that you are lost, suggests that you have lost your direction in life or that you have lost sight of your goals. You may be feeling worried and insecure about the path you are taking in life. Alternatively, you may be trying to adjust and get accustomed to a new situation in which the rules and conditions are ever changing.

I also searched some symbols in my dream like "dead," "house," "boat," "wall," and more. I realized that my dream is so right. I am kinda lost in my direction in life now. Yesterday was just stressful coz i have to face crossroads. I don't know what will be happening in the next few months. Yeah, i'm still in the adjustment period after finishing school. There are things that i want to do and there things that people want me to do. I'm not sure if my decisions are good coz some people might be affected. Anyways, everyday all have to face our challenges in life. I just hope that i will be enlightened so everything will be well...

credits to ~buaiansayapanomali for the photo

The Art of Ukkil

3:22 PM

I want to share my new experimental works that i created in flash during a seminar that we conducted last May12-15. With the use of the pen tool and pencil tools, i doodle different objects and scenes and applied the ukkil effect in the artwork. Ukkil is a technique used in Mindanao, specifically in the Sulu Peninsula. It is a decorative design that is used in carving, basketry, pottery, and weaving with patterns similar to the western style of Arabesque and Art Nouveau.

According to my Humanities teacher, during the Byzantine era, the Iconoclasts influenced the art of the Arabic countries spreading across Asia. Before, it was a sin for Muslims to recreate or paint/sculpt the creations of God such as human or animals. That's why they used geometric patterns, ornamental designs and icons. We can see this in the art of the Tausug, Maranao and Yakans here in Mindanao, which applies shapes and patterns similar to the art during the Byzantine era. Ukkil usually have motifs shaped like waves, ropes, calligraphy, decor and colors.

But today, that belief seems to be gone already. The yakans already has new designs that are influenced by their surroundings like the kenna-kenna, patterned after a fish; dawen-dawen (leaf of a vine) ; pene mata-mata, (eye) and the bunga-sawa (python). In Ukkil, they have motifs of creatures like the sarimanok, horse, insects, fishes, dragons, flowers and even humans.

I personally know one of Philippines best painter who uses the style of ukkil in his paintings and drawings. He is Mr Rameer Tawasil. Mr Tawasil was my teacher in oil painting one summer and he is also my student in photoshop that year. His art is very vivid and cultural. He mastered his ukkil style in painting and now he is known nationally for his style. Here are some essential links that you might want to visit:

Ukkil, Visual Arts of the Sulu Archipelago

Paintings of Rameer Tawasil
my Vector Ukkil Doodles

Lady Gagita and Haronce Pictorial

10:27 AM
New stars were born! 2 months ago Lady Gaga's Telephone music video was released and now the youtube video reached almost 40 million hits. With its stunning visuals and unique style, this video is surely one the best music videos of the year. Along with its rising popularity, a young filipino Lady Gaga fan also gained the attention of the youtube viewer's. He is Vinzon Leojay Rubia Booc (vinzonleojay2009), famously known as Lady Gagita. Together with his friends, they created parodies of the music videos of Lady Gaga with nothing but their creativity and resourcefulness. Now, the youtube sensation reached national level with TV appearances, Newspaper features and photo shoots. With better costumes, make-up and studio, Lady Gagita and Haronce (his friend who played Beyonce in the Telephone video), were given an exclusive photo session. Here are the photos of Lady Gagita and Haronce.

Lady Gagita and Haronce PictorialLady Gagita and Haronce PictorialLady Gagita and Haronce PictorialPhotos were published in Manila Bulletin last May 14, 2010. (photo1, photo2)
Photography: Niccolo Cosme
Styling: Matt Gozun
Makeup: Jake Galvez
Headpiece and Rubber Dress: Nixon Marquez and Chi Kotur

Disclaimer: I don't own the photos. I just got the link from Vinzon's facebook. :D
Click here for more photos.

Give Earth a Hand

1:33 AM
I would like to share this beautiful video created by the GreenPeace organization to promote awareness on environmental protection. This is a conceptual video made of texts, icons and hands only. I love it because it's so creative and innovative. The message is very clear and it inspires us to do action in conserving nature. Here is the video.

Talking about nature, I was watching the National Graphic Channel last April 22 in observance of the Earth Day. They featured documentaries about the ever-changing earth especially the least undiscovered place in it, the underwater. Our knowledge about the underwater in merely a droplet in the ocean and we even know more about space and what's out there than what we have here in the seas. I watch "Shark Eden" and I learned that the underwater paradise are very rare nowadays. These Eden are well-balanced ecosystems with unbleached corals, bountiful sea creatures and Sharks, as to Lions in savannas. I want to share this advocacy of protecting the underwater edens also because of my experience which i shared in my doodle blog. I also created a simple artwork to commemorate the Earth day. Click the image below to read the article.

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