Nuay Etu, Nuay Mañana by Comic Relief Music Video

Comic Relief, known for their Chabacano serenade rock song "Cuando?", became Zamboanga's #1 radio band and gave rise to original Chabacano music. The first music video we made with their song is "Maria Ozawa." The title might remind you of some personality, but I bet you the music is really good. It is a courtship song inviting the girl to visit Zamboanga's famous places and explore its culture, people and food. The music video we made is a mix of live action and animation.

Anyways, here's the first fully animated music video for their song "Nuay Etu, Nuay Mañana." Synopsis: When your most beloved one leaves you, the shadows of the past will always haunt you. How can you fight the darkness within while feeling the pain at the same time?
Performed by Comic Relief
Animation by Cedrick Zabala, Jan Santos
Visual Effects by Cedrick Zabala

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