My 2011: Year in Review

Just wanna write this post before 2011 will come to an end. For me 2011 is a year of oxymorons. To get what i mean here are some phrases that describes my year:

Independently Dependent

Burning Cold

Freedom in Captivity

Boringly Fun

Intelligently Dumb

Breathing without Air

Stressfully Relaxing

Emotional Robot

Silent Noise

Calm Waterfalls

Beginning of the End

2011 is a year of adventures and adversities. This year I got to live as a working person and not as a student anymore. I travelled and got to work outside the city and had lots of fun. I had my funnest moments with my family but i also got distanced from them due to some decisions i made this year. I focused a lot in my professional growth and got to learn so much things in the process. I experienced new things like being a coordinator/event stylist, having my worst meltdown, winning a national competition, witnessing a unique cultural event, back-to-back-to-back-to-back events, my first weight loss and so much more.

It is a year of extremes where i started the year with betrayal, learning to confess, accept responsibilies, facing consequences and ended up with regaining trust. It is a year of extreme world events such as the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, Haiti and New Zealand Earthquakes, Extreme Supermooon, Typhoon Sendong, World Revolutions (Egypt, Libya, etc), and more. It's as if the world is turning back against us.

It is a year where I have to make decisions on my own and be who I wanted to be. I have freedom and so many choices yet I have to go where my heart tells me where to go. I want to improve my skills and share it to people. I have felt such a range of emotions that only exprience and real life can give me. I felt more human but at the same time i still have that sense of wonder of what more can life give me. However, there are tons of factors to consider in every decision. I can't answer my own questions but only time can tell. It has been a crazily sane year and im looking forward to a great and better 2012. Cheers!
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