At Manila Cathedral

During our Manila-Pampanga Trip last month, we had time to visit one of the oldest places in the Philippines, the Intramuros. It is known as the "walled-city" built during the Spanish Colonial Period. We went there via taxi from Pasay and entered through the western gate. The first thing we saw is the fire department at the left and a bank at the right. Then there was a plaza and right across is the magnificent Manila Cathedral. We stopped at plaza in front of the cathedral and took some photos and entered the church to see what's inside. Here are some of the photos we took. More after the jump.

Plaza Roma fronting the cathedral

Cool little gargoyle/fountain at the plaza

Nice floral bas relief at the entrance arch.

Some facts about the cathedral. This is actually the eighth structure built here. The previous churches were either burned or destroyed by an earthquake.

The first room to the right contains this mama Mary altar and the "La Pieta" sculture (below).

This is a replica of Michaelangelo's famous sculpture "La Pieta" showing the body of Jesus in the arms of his mother after his Crucifixion.

With Papa, Mama and Ate. It's actually my first time to go to Manila with Mama.

Huge doors with carvings. Look what i found. Can you see it?

The heirarchy of archdiocese in the Philippines.

Let the photo tell the story in this one...

The grandeur of the cathedral from afar.

Goin to the next place to visit i took a photo of the paved road. :D
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