Cebu for a Moment

Piso fare is so tempting. Last New Year's eve Cebu Pac have it's usual holiday piso fare so i grabbed the opportunity to book a flight. My first choice is Cebu since it's been three years since my last trip there. I chose the date, Feb 19-22, so i can be with my sister on her birthday (21). However, we got so busy so we didn't have an itinerary for the three-day trip. So this is how the trip rolled.

Day 1: Ayala Mall. feels like Greenbelt. We're so busy coz we have to finish some editing deadlines.
We just had coffee at Starbucks and worked our ass off the whole afternoon. I didn't even have a photo there. Then we went home.

We stayed at Palmas Verdes Subdivision, thanks to Ate Gladys ^^,

Day 2: Went to SM Mall, Lunch at Pizza Hut, Shopping, Went to Ayala Mall, Dinner at Casa Verde.

Me and Ryann, and our sisters, Ate Gladys and Ate Chen. Had Casa Verde's specialty, Baby Backribs. Cool place, too!

Pre-birthday Celebration :D free sundae for ate!

Had a good laugh at 22nd Street Comedy Bar at Mango Square.

Ate Gladys and his buddy, Mark, on stage. :)

With Miss Ethel Booba :D She's always at Cebu because of her boyfriend. She sang Adele's "Someone like you" and "Rolling in the deep".

Im so red. Haha

Day 3: Did nothing the whole day. Went to Cebu IT Park late in the afternoon already. Took this photo of the backlit church on the way.

Had some coffee at McCafe at The Walk, then checked out the little stands in the middle of the park.

Bought some KK for pasalubong.

Timer - 10 seconds. Pose.

Headed to Port Seafood Restaurant for dinner. Ate is not yet there so we left our things and went to the casino area just behind the restaurant.

Inside, there is a strip of restaurant lined up outside the casino area. Every resto represents different countries. From Japan to Greece, from Italy to China. It's like traveling the world in one place.

Photo session with Ate Gladys. :D

Dinner Time! Ate treats us with an eat-all-you-can buffet! :D

Happy Quarter of a Century Birthday Ate!

Went to ate's workplace near Mango Square at Northern Works. Time to say goodbye :)
  Long-exposure photo at the roadside :)
Then we headed to Royal Spa at Lahug. Thnx to Juhan for the GC's!
Then, back to Zamboanga first flight in the morning :D

Twas a short but nice trip :) More food trip and just spending time with Ate :)
I wish we could've visited more places but no worries imma be back on April :Dhaha

~le fin.
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