Fortune Cookies: Father, Forgive Them

It's already April and i have been very busy with lots of editing. I started this daily drawing challenge and got stuck in day 3, i got 7 days to cover! Anyways, last week was the Holy Week and i had my "first station of the cross" or journey to the cross. I was with the Seed Interactive crew that day and had a photowalk at Abong-Abong. It was tiring yet fun coz i got friends with me along the way. Im not a Catholic but i like this activity coz it doesn't only burn calories, i got to meet different kinds of people, see the beautiful city lights at night, and have my own little reflections about life along the way. The week reminded us of God's sacrifice for us, and His eternal love despite of our sinful nature.

I haven't posted my photos yet coz i didn't have the time to pick and edit. I saw many photos of the Holy Week activities of my friend at facebook and their blogs. There was also this photo of a girl posing at the cross and people were just in rage. Religious fanatics were the frontliners of this protest, posting harsh words as if they have the authority to judge these people. Here are some of those photos.

I'm reposting this from a facebook user who expressed his thoughts about this issue. I definitely agree with what he has to say.


"Aint here to bash these people.

The only thing im gon point out is. Every single one of us do this every single day.

Y'all talking about them being disrespectful. That they'll burn in hell. They dont deserve to live. And too much cussing, swearing, cursing. D na daw sila nahiya.

And so.. My question is

Nahihiya ba tayo
When we have sex outside marriage?
When we lie?
When we cheat?
When we disobey?
When we have pride in our hearts?
When we steal?
When we are greedy?
When we envy?

and the list goes on

Aint sayin that what they did was fine. But the actions said above are and what they did are all equal. All sins are equal. No matter how big. or how small. And it doesnt even matter when it is done.

Romans 3:23

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

It says ALL.

You judge a person based on what they have done?

Actions CANT/ WONT/ WILL NEVER save you.
Try reading Ephesians 2:8-9

Nuff said. This is the real thing.

Acting holy on a holy week? Get real homeys.

We should live a Holy life no matter what day it is.

peace out"


Indeed, we are entitled to our own opinion. It's sad to see them disrespecting one's religious belief/icon. But who are we to judge and say words without even looking at ourselves. This is just a physical cross but the real Cross is Jesus and in one way or the other, we have sinned against Him. So let's not pray that these people have sinned. Let us pray for ourselves for we are sinners, too. May we have a peaceful life ahead. :D
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