ABDC7: Week 3 Madonna Challenge

This week the crews dance to the music of the Queen of Pop, Madonna. The episode started with a shocking revelation that two crews will be eliminated. Collizion Crew, Funkdation and Irratik found themselves in the bottom three. Collizion crew were saved and has a chance to perform for another week. Here's my review of the crews' performances (from best to worst).

1. Mos Wanted Crew
Music:"4 Minutes"; Challenge: Incorporate popping 
Comment: I just love the whole concept which revolved around time. Their costumes are inpired by Steampunk which involves victorian vests, clockworks, leather and aviator goggles. They incorporated time in their routine too. They started with an image of a clock and moves like pointing to their watches. I love the part where some of the boys glided towards the front in their knees then went to a tutting section where they used their arms as the arm of clocks. Another highlight is when Puspos danced through the stage and every guy did a step after the other with a timewarp effect. Too much great stuff for a minute! Plus factor are their sexy moves mixing smooth moves and  intricate routines. They ended with a bang!

2. 8 Flavahs
Music:"Vogue"; Challenge: Incorporate voguing
Comment: These girls went hard since their first week. Their level of performance is so high for kids yet still keeping their cute factor while dancing. They give lots of emotions and fierceness. Their costumes are contrast to their first week since the are wearing lady suits. They didn't only give voguing, they gave waacking, stunts and lots of attitude. Loved every single second of their performance!

3. Funkdation (eliminated)
Music: "Give me all your luvin", Challenge: Incorporate cheer dance
Highlight: At the start, one of the girls did an assisted backflip and landed on her foot. No catchers! 
Comment: I love their energy. Their stunts are super amazing. They have cool choreography, too. However the ending could be less cliche. Anyways, they don't deserve to leave in this time of the competition

4. Irratik (eliminated)
Music: "Express Yourself"; Challenge: Incorporate Jazz Steps
Highlight: Half of the girls went down and released their inner tigresses. The rest of the girls held them with chains on their necks. A girl also did push-ups in the air. 
Comment: I love their sharp moves and fierce swag. Their moves are very Madonna while still giving that Irratik flair. It's sad to see them go. I had this feeling last season, too, when Request was eliminated.

5. Elektrolytes
Music:"Hung Up"; Challenge: Incorporate krumping
Highlight: The krumping section where they did the illusion of a cap floating from a guy's shirt.
Comment: I like how they started with an energetic power routine then slowed down with a nice smooth choreography. They also incorporated breaking moves which is great. I can't connect the ending with the rest of the performance but overall it was good!

6. Fanny Pak
Music: "Girl Gone Wild"; Challenge: Incorporate waacking and heels
Comment: They were great yet there was no wow factor aside from the guys wearing heels. Yes, its hard to dance in heels and they made it effortless to dance on it. I just couldn't see them the way they did during season 2. I was distracted by the mirror, too.

7. Collizion (bottom 3)
Music:"Don't Tell Me"; Challenge: Incorporate country line dancing
Comment: They reminded me much of Southern Movement. Their choreography was cute with the linedancing and all. But overall it was just OK.

8. Rated Next Generation (RNG)
Music:"Human Nature"; Challenge: Incorporate thrashing
Comment: It was not a bad performance but there's no wow factor neither. Their choreography was ok. What i can remember are girls versus the guy. They were stuck at the center of the stage and lack variation and dynamics. I expected more from them.

9. Stepboys
Music:"Ray of Light"; Challenge: Incorporate a faster tempo
Comment: I don't know why they're still in the competition. They tried to put comedy in their routine but they just can't pull it off like Poreotics and Quest Crew did. Their comedy is slapstick and lacks class. This routine looks like they are trying hard to give a laugh but i just can't. They wasted the first few seconds and their choreography is not that difficult. However, i appreciate the dynamics of their routine. They had breaking and tutting. But what i can see in them are yucky boys eating booger and smelling their butts.

Im looking forward for next weeks episode where the crews will dance to the music of Drake. I wonder what challenges lie ahead. I sure can't wait for next week!
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