That Syle: Carnivale at Paris

May 25 - This day is filled with activities and I'm having fun after last week's mural painting. I'll be reunited with Seed Interactive to do an onsite video (same-day edit) for Maam Aleli Tan of Daydream Events. I left the team this month but i already have my word with Maam Aleli months ago about this event. So I accepted the job just for her. It's for her son's 1st birthday with the theme "Cirque du Bebe" or Parisian Carnivale. A day before I went to the pueblo to buy what i will wear for the party. I bought some nifty accessories too which is pretty cool. So here's my get up for the day :)

~ Red, Blue and White Stripe Poloshirt
~ Carousel Necklace
~ Graphic Sling Bag
~ Red Wristwatch Ice Watch
~ Beige Chinos
~ Sneakers Artwork

I picked this polo shirt because the colors and pattern reminds me of the french barber quartets. I also like its fleur-de-lis heraldic patch, which is a royal emblem for French Monarchy :D I also bought some accessories like this carousel necklace.

The red and white accessory reminds me of barber poles. I bought that travel notebook which is so cool. The paper inside is like moleskin. I want to give this as a gift for Maam Aleli but i forgot. XD Anyways, here are some shots of my day :D Before going to the birthday party, i met my high school friends at McDo. Spent a little time with them but it was filled with laughter and fun. Love you guys!

Then, i went to the event but unfortunately i wasn't able to take some pictures. The setup was awesome, as usual. They had a vintage cotton candy stand, ticket booth, sweets stand, photobooth with cool props like a Holga camera and 8mm film camera. The onsite video was a success, too.

On the other side, a bad news came when my team mates for the mural painting told me that we lost the contest. There were controversies surrounding the competition and i just don't wanna think about it while doing the onsite. I told them to get our consolation prize so we can party :D So right after the event, we went to Mr Bean Cafe at Catribo and partied!

Me with my lil bro. We had Pizza Zamboanguena and Red Iced Tea

Jolas and Mae; Tennyl and Wella

Me rocking Wella's Samsung S3 with my artwork "Cedzilla" as her wallpaper :)

Sundae galore! Aljo with Lance and Wella doing their project in CS.

Tennyl, Jolas and Mae :D

Okay, Its time to pay. Goodbye consolation prize! We had fun! Ciao!
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