ABDC 7: Week 4 Drake Challenge

Awesome performance by the crew this week! I can say that this season is truly the best in terms of casting. Everyone is just killing it every week. This week the crews have to dance to the music of famous rapper, Drake. And the challenge is to choose a line from the song and bring it to life. On top that they were also given another challenge. Most of his songs are laid back and not too loud for a dance songs so i thought this week would be interesting. I love the mixes shoutout to District 78! Here's my ranking of the crews performances from best to worst.

1. Fanny Pak - "Make Me Proud" (Bottom 2)
Line:"Running on a treadmill and only eating salad"
Challenge: Create a treadmill
Comment: Yes! Finally the Pak is back! The previous weeks i haven't felt the way i used to feel way back season 2. I was so excited to see theatrics, story-telling and dope choreography. It was pure awesomeness that only Fanny Pak can pull off. They were so entertaining with all the attitude and moves.

2. RNG - "HYFR"
Line: "Time for me to revisit the past"
Challenge: Perform a section of their routine in reverse
Comment: RNG is crew that has a signature dance style that is uniquely theirs. For teens, these kids can really dance with power and energy. Love the military theme and the twist at the end where they made the illusion of a rewind. It looked real and its mind-blowing. They ended with so much power that is so intense. Love their attitude and energy.

3. Mos Wanted Crew - "Motto"
Line: "Tell Tune 'Light one, pass it like a relay'"
Challenge: Create a relay
Comment: In contrast to Fanny Pak, Mos wanted crew gave less theatrics and story-telling. They gave us pure choreography and swag all the way. It was fun to watch and it makes me wanna dance, too. They highlighted members of the crew that were usually in the background during the past weeks and showed that every one of them are dope. This week is a breath of fresh air for the crew and they showed a different side of them. They were clean, smooth, hard-hitting, and fun to watch. I definitely love their performance but competition-wise the two crews made more impact.

4. Elektrolytes - "Headlines"
Line: "Floating in and out of consciousness"
Challenge: Create the illusion that someone is levitating
Comment: The illusion is mind-blowing! I was replaying it in the video and i just cant figure out how they did that. The intro was explosive with the comeback of one of their members who was injured since week 1. This crew is about energy and they move so fast as if they were charged with so much horsepower especially during the dubstep part. I just love the over-all performance. But i wish to see more side of them.

5. 8 Flavahz - "Find Your Love"
Line: "I bet if I give all my lovin', nothin's gonna tear us apart";
Challenge: Come connected at some point in their routine
Comment: Their routine was very emotional because of the death of Angel's mother. Because of this you can really feel the emotions from the girls who dedicated the routine for her mom. The routine showed that the crew is there to support her and no matter what happens she always have friends to lean on. Their routine is metaphoric and full of soul. What i didn't like is the inconsistency of emotions from the girls. Some were smiling during the end of the routine.

6. Stepboys - "Best I Ever Had" (Eliminated)
Line: "Every single show she out there reppin' like a mascot"
Challenge: Incorporate a mascot in their routine
Comment: Last week i want them out of the show coz didn't get their comedy. In this performance they got me and they pulled off the tricks nicely. It's sad to see them go but im happy they gave their best and left a good impression of their crew. I like the stunts done by the teddy bear and props for the entertainment value. However,i think that their choreography is not that clean and difficult.

7. Collizion Crew - "Over"
Line: "So I'm riding through this city with my high beams on"
Challenge: Create a Car
Comment: I feel as if I've already seen their routine. There was nothing new and worse, they were not in sync. I spotted lot of mistakes like the guy in the middle during the "rosetta stone" part, the flips and the chopper which took years to complete. The routine is not memorable either.

Next week the crews will dance to the music of J-Lo! Can't wait!
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