ABDC 7: LMFAO Challenge Review

The four remaining crews dance to the music of party-rockers LMFAO. They started with a group number to the song "Live Your Life" by Far East Movement ft. LMFAO and Justin Bieber. The group dance is not my favorite group dance cause it looked just like every group dance they did this season. They highlighted the kid crews and made the older guys look like back-ups. I like the part where some members of Elektrolytes were highlighted. I wished they used the robot heads to create more images or use it for the ending with each crews holding their banner. Anyhow, here's my ranking of the crews based on their performance this week.

abdc america's best dance crew lmfao challenge season 7 elektrolytes
1. Elektrolytes (Safe)
Music: "Champagne Showers"
Challenge: Make a giant shuffle-bot
I used to like this crew because of their high energy and creative choreography and stunts. This performance made me love this crew. I'm already a big fan of theirs and it shows that they can win the hearts of people with their hard work and consistency. This crew is very clean and they highlight stunts and gimmicks which will make your jaw drop. The intro reminds me of Poreotix and Jabba until a guy slides in with his head. Then, they had popping and locking choreography. They had lots of highlights like the stunt where a guy is thrown down and the bottle-opener illusion. They had robotic choreography and ended with the giant robot. It was a memorable routine and I hope they'll make it to the finale with Mos Wanted crew. nuff said.

abdc america's best dance crew lmfao challenge season 7 mos wanted crew
2. Mos Wanted Crew (Safe)
Music: "Sexy and I Know It"
Challenge: Create a catwalk with wiggle inspired movements and take their trousers off.
I love Mos Wanted but every week they didn't have the most outstanding routine. This week, they deserve to be saved because what they showed is a very entertaining routine yet still remaining their swag and skill as dancers. However, there is no explosive moment where i am deeply amazed unlike Elektrolytes. I love their charisma and entertainment value but they really have to step up next week to make it to the finals.

abdc america's best dance crew lmfao challenge season 7 RNG rated next generation
3. RNG  (Eliminated)
Music: "Sorry for Party Rocking"
Challenge: Recreate the dance breakdown from the music video
It's sad to see this crew leave in this point of the competition. I like the routine coz they still remained their swag as RNG. They mixed different intricate dance styles like tutting and isos in a fast pace yet still maintaining a clean performance. They did the dance breakdown like they own it. I also like the choreography that reminded me of Fanny Pak and the ending where a girl did a frog leap landing to a split. For me they should be the one saved by the judges.

abdc america's best dance crew lmfao challenge season 7 8 flavahz
4. 8 Flavahz  (Bottom 2 - Saved)
Music: "Party Rock Anthem"
Challenge: Recreate the explosive event in the music video
I love this crew and i'm happy they are saved. But honestly, this routine is disappointing cause it lacked originality. It's like telling a joke and old joke that is not funny anymore. This crew constantly surprised me the past weeks and i just wished they pushed themselves further and come up with an awesome routine without losing their flavor. Next week they will be battling with two big crews so they better step up triple times. With that being said, i still give them props for pulling off those stunts. I still love these girls!

Next week, the crews will make a routine that will be little longer than the usual. They will all dance to the same music of David Guetta but each of them should make their best to stand out to make it to the finale. On the past seasons, this week featured three to four songs dancing to a dance craze, genre, or style.
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