Miko and Jhey SDE

For almost half a month of no weddings, im back in my game last friday. In this particular SDE, i was really focused on choosing my clips properly. We had a meeting with the Trebor Z Team prior the wedding and they pointed out that i should avoid "dirty" shots. Those are clips with photographers or shooters in the frame or unnecessary mess in the background. I should also avoid shots with overexposed skies but with the help of a little color grading, i can still work them out if there are no other choices. Anyways, here's the wedding video of Miko and Jhey. Check out the beautiful starry ceiling by Elvin Sagun and the new 3d logo of Trebor Z at the end.

Miko & Jhey
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CHURCH St. Ignatius Parish Church | RECEPTION Rigodon Palmeras | COORDINATOR & STYLING Elvin Sagun | PHOTOGRAPHY CWorks Photography | PHOTOBOOTH Jess Yu | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals | VIDEOGRAPHERS Robert, Carlo, Alleks, Louie | EDITOR Ced Zabala
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