My first Daily Deviation has been my source of inspiration and way to share my artworks online. It keeps me updated with the latest styles, designs and works of art of different
kinds of artist, from traditional to digital artists. I also get my resources there like brushes, shapes, patterns, textures, and stock images which are free. The only rule is to credit the owner once you will post your work using their resources. I've been a member of the site for five years already and there were just few members back then. I have posted many works and the best thing are the comments of people around the world. Some comments are harshly negative but most are appreciative and constructive.

Now, the site has become a social network where people can be friends and exchange critiques and join activities such as polls, contest and exchanging of llama badges. Awesome, right? Being a member, there are also ranks, from being an ordinary member to a  premium member, to super administrator and gallery moderators. But for most members, the biggest accomplishment is the recognition of your works. The number of faves, pageviews and comments are usually the basis to see the status of your gallery or art work. Everyday, the administrators choose a set of outstanding works and feature it in a special gallery called the "Daily Deviation". If you want to be inspired everyday but you have limited time, this is the place to go.

Recently, i posted my poster design for a contest called Animahenasyon 2013, the Philippine Animation Festival. It's a steampunk-themed poster named "The Engine of Perpetual Motion". My friend, Jude, who also joined the contest, is a very active member of the site and suggested it to be a part of the daily deviation for October 7, 2012. And fortunately, it was accepted! I just had my first daily deviation in 5 years and im really happy to have this recognition. :D We're still waiting for the results of the poster design contest which will be announced on the closing program in this year's festival. I'll be goin there with my fellow Ateneans who are joining the Animation contests.

Thanks again to Jude ^JCROXAS and ^princepal for the DD!

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