My 2012. A Year of Opportunities

2012 has been such a rollercoaster ride. I'm still in the transition period in my life where I'm still searching who and what I really want to be. I followed my heart to whichever it leads
me and with God's guidance, I felt that throughout the year, I grew as an individual and as a matured person who can decide on his own. All I really wanted to do this past year is to explore the world, meet new people, share my talent and be a self-supporting person who can manage to live independently.

Thanks for everyone who made me who I am. Some of you may have parted away from me and some just hitched the ride of my life. Well, that's life. Only God knows when our paths will meet again in the future. But what I'm really thankful for is the never-ending support of my family and friends who's always there for me in my up's and down's. Here are the highlights of my 2012 :D


I started a photo blog in Tumblr, which i called cedieleprince. It's my personal project to take a picture a day and today (January 2) is it's first blog-versary. Hooray! On the 2nd week, my mom, dad and I went to Manila with some of our relatives from Davao and Iligan to attend our young uncle's wedding at Guagua. My Ate from Cebu also came there and we had a fun mini-vacation at Manila and Tagaytay. We get to meet our relatives who lives in Las Pinas and accommodated us through our trip. It's my first time my parents in Manila. We went to Intramuros, Tagaytay and of course, malls in Manila. In my career as a wedding video editor and all-around Multimedia Artist, I enjoyed making prenup and pre-debuts that were very memorable to me like Myi-Myi's Breakfast at Tiffany's debut and Cases Golden Wedding Anniversary. We also got to travel to Dipolog with the Seed Interactive Team for DMC's yearbook shoot.


I spent the Valentines day exchanging gifts with my highschool friends. We covered some JS Prom's too. I got to travel to Cebu and got to spend my Ate's birthday with her. It was my first time to visit the IT park. We had more special debut's like Mara's Little Red Riding Hood and Sharmaine's Witch-themed debut.


We got to produce the predebut video of Christine, who became Miss Zamboanga after seven months. It was a memorable experience shooting this beautiful debutante at their family's ricefields. I failed to deliver her SDE but the final video was so fun. We also produced the Barbie-themed predebut video of Princess Carlyle.


We had a family vacation at Cebu for the first time! It was my brother's first time to ride the plane too :D We went to our ancestor's shrine (Lapu-Lapu) in Mactan Island, and Mountain View resort overlooking the city. It was fun being with my family :) I also went to Manila to accompany my youngest brother who was applying for the Football Varsity Team of St. Benilde. Back at work, we produced more OBB's like the Vintage-vs.-Vegas-themed Grad Ball of WMSU Nursing and the Fab Pre-birthday video of Chelsea.


I lay low in Seed Interactive Team and eventually separated ways with them. I kept myself busy by joining a Mural Painting contest with my cousin and some friends. We created a master-piece that placed our mark in the streets of Zamboanga. We didn't win but we're just happy to finish it and it looked the way we want it to be. I also started Jogging at Grandstand with my younger brother and it became my hobby to jog 4 o clock in the afternoon. To sustain my financial needs, I worked for JoeArt Productions layouting wedding albums.


I focused on myself like i never did before. I went jogging and swimming and eventually signed up in a nearby gym together with my bro. In the middle of the month, I joined the best videography team in town, Trebor Z Audio Visuals, as an SDE editor. They welcomed me and some of my former Seed Interactive crew in the team and we became a family. My first few SDE's were one of my favorite works in my career. My sister came home for one-month while waiting for her work. We had so much bondings with our siblings and cousins from eating Satti in the morning to eating Balut in the evening. We went to Merloquet Falls for the first time, too!


I had more weddings with the Trebor Z team and also developed the website of Unique Motor Center and Safety Enterprises. We stopped going to gym but stayed jogging at the grandstand. My brother was training with a local football team while i was doing my own thing in the oval. This month also marks Ateneo de Zamboanga University's Centennial Anniversary. I designed the Centennial seal 3 years ago and now I see it everywhere.


My birthday month! I went to Manila with my cousin, Wella, and spent my birthday there. We attended the annual design conference, Graphika Manila at SMX Mall of Asia. We stayed at our Aunty's condo in BGC and enjoyed the city life there. We had so much fun eventhough only the two of us were there. Nothing stopped us from having fun even I booked the wrong tickets! Epic Fail, indeed! My high school classmate Isabeau, also had her wedding which was so beautiful. Back at work, I made my first 3D Photo Montage for an epic wedding. During the same wedding another videography team from Manila were there so it was like a showdown of SDE's. The couple said ours was better.hehe. They even gave us an Egyptian papyrus artwork to show their appreciation. :D


I still continued jogging and whenever they have the time, my friends also come with me to jog. I love the positive vibe that healthy living gives to me. It was not a good month for weddings but we had some. I accepted other freelance projects like Logo Design, Shirt Designs, and even Tarp designs.


It's Fiesta Hermosa month! I went to the Mascota Fashion show with my parents. Front seat, baby! Watched Miss Zamboanga where Christine, our debutant, won. I also watched the Streetdance with my young bro. My Ate had a short vacation with her office mate and we went to Sta. Cruz island with the whole extended family. The end of the month was SemBreak and I attended a seminar with the CS Department. I applied for a teaching job a year before and finally I got to get in. I'm becoming a teacher!


It's 2nd Semester, and it's my first month as a teacher. I'm teaching 3 subjects: Digital Multimedia (for 3rd year Masscomm students), Sound Supervision and Digital Cinematography (for 4th year BSIT students). I also invested for a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy S3! I got it on the first day of November so i called it KK or "Kalag-kalag".haha. At the end of the month, I went again to Manila to attend the annual Philippine Animation Festival called Animahenasyon. I joined the poster-making contest but sadly, it didn't won. However, my students whose animation entries became finalists, were successful by bringing home 2 awards. Such great talents! This keeps me inspired as a teacher.


Kicking off the last month of the year is the Ateneo Fiesta. This one's very special because it's the Centennial year. There were lots of activities lined up and I joined the first ever Street Art contest organized by El Consejo. We made chalk art in the pavements of the university together with 15 teams. Fortunately, we won 2nd place! Talking about art, I also had the opportunity to join an art exhibit together with some alumni of Adzu. The exhibit was held at the Gallery of the Peninsula and the Archipelago. Sadly, I wasn't able to attend the opening due to work conflict. December was the new wedding month and we had lots of bookings. We have back-to-back weddings especially during the last week of December. I call it the "Hell Week" of weddings which i compare to the "finals" during college. I hardly felt Christmas but I got to be reunited with my high school friends during the reunion and series of Karaoke nights. The year ended with a blast! The family was complete and we spent the coming of the New Year together. We went to Paseo del Mar for the countdown and partied all night! It was a fun way to start the year!

Indeed, 2012 is a very special year! I hope this coming year will give me more opportunities, chance to grow and be a better person I always want to be. Wishing everyone a Prosperous 2013!
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