Pop Music Cover and DSLR Videography Workshop

After the very busy December, we're back in class. We started this year with fun activities for our classes before we go to the Midterm week. For my ITCA106 (Sound Supervision) class, I asked them to do a live group cover of a Pop Music of their choice. Nikolai's group got the highest scores with their cover of "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the Kids. The Trebor Z crew was there to document this activity.

For my IT405 (Digital Cinematography) class, our boss, Robert Zapata, Jr, gave an extensive talk on DSLR Videography, the equipments we use and some tips on using the DSLR for Video. Before we ended, Darz also gave a magic trick performance. Thanks again to my very participative students and the Trebor Z for sharing their time and knowledge. Check out the video below to see the highlights of our back to back activities.

Music: Tongue-tied by Group Love
Videography: Trebor Z Audio Visuals
Venue: College AVR, LRC Bldg., ADZU
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