How to Embed .SWF Files in your Blog

Here's a simple way to embed an .swf file in your blog like the one I did below. The best browser for this is Google Chrome.

1. First, you have to upload it in a flash hosting site like

2. Click "Choose file" and locate your file. Then click "Upload SWF".

3. Now you can see your .swf file in action. Next, right click somewhere in the background, and click "Inspect Element".

4. In the bottom part of the screen you can see the codes like the one below. Click the triangle like the one highlighted below to open the code.

5. Click further more like the one shown below.

6. Finally, you should have the line starting with "object classid.."

7. Then, you can paste the code in you blog. You can change the numbers for height and width that suits your layout. And, make sure you're editing it in HMTL mode or else only the code will appear instead of the .swf file. Hope this helps! :D

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