Ian and Diane SDE

Ian is such an expressive groom. During the preps, when we was asked if how he feels, he said he's only worried about perfecting their first dance and he doesn't care about the rest anymore.haha. He's such a funny dude. Diane, on the other hand seems to be a silent type of girl. She looked nervous during the preps but with her sister by her side all the time, she did well. Their wedding was fun-filled with all their families and friends who supported them. For us, we tried our best to deliver a clean and moment-filled SDE. Check out our trademark transitions during the preps!

Ian and Diane

PREPS Garden Orchid Hotel | CHURCH St. Joseph Parish Church | RECEPTION Astoria Regency | COORDINATION Adventures Unlimited by Marlo Luna | PHOTOGRAPHY richardledesma.com | LIGHTS & SOUNDS Sure Audio Pro | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals | SHOOTERS Carlo, Bong, Alleks, Darz | EDITOR csz97
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