Alyssa Faye @ 18

When it comes to vintage themed events, no one does it better than Daydream Events by Aleli Tan. It has been months since my last collaboration with Maam Ai and im always excited to do videos like this. "It's all about the details" is the motto. Check out the classic wax stamp and her scroll invite. The location is a private residence of a doctor here in Zamboanga. The outdoor shots were taken at Centro Pastoral where the clouds were epic! Check out Alyssa's predebut video below. Enjoy!

Alyssa Faye 18th Birthday

COORDINATOR Daydream Events | HAIR & MAKEUP Watercolors Salon | PHOTOGRAPHY Vista de Lente Photography | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals | SHOOTERS Alleks and Carlo | EDITOR Ced Zabala
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