Sean and Aprille SDE

It was elections day, and like every other responsible Filipino, me and my family went a public school to vote. After almost 3 hours of queuing, I finally got to cast my ballot and thank God, the PCOS machine didn't malfunction. It's 11am and the crew is at Lantaka Hotel already documenting the preparations for the big wedding of Sean and Aprille.

Sean and Aprille's love story began in their high school days. In college, I saw them together at school. Sean is a well-known dancer in Ateneo and I even got the chance to dance with him during Ateneo Fiesta since we're in the same college. He's such a friendly guy and everyone knows he so much in love with Aprille. But every relationships has its ups and downs.

I heard that they broke up. But soon, their love also rekindled. It wasn't hidden from the public that their love resulted to a cute baby boy. A proud mom, Aprille posted photos of this adorable little angel and I'm just happy to see that they are happy too. And now, they decided to take the relationship in a new level. The young couple finally tied the knot in front of God and their family and friends.

The couple trusted Trebor Z to do their videos and I got the privilege to do the SDE. There so much going on that I didn't have the chance to talk with the couple. I even screwed up their SDE, forgetting to put Aprille's vows. The time pressure of editing an SDE can sometimes take a toll on our decisions as editor. And recently I've been doing a lot of mistakes. It's always a learning experience. Anyways, I was an honest mistake :D Sorry Sean and Aprille. Peace! But I edited it again and here's the perfect video showing the happenings of their special day.

Sean & Aprille
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