Germay and Rea SDE

I really like the uniqueness of Germay and Rea's wedding. It's so hipster with all the Volkswagen Vans, cute letterings on stage and all the nitty gritty details that makes wedding a wedding. Better Days Events really stepped up their game in styling themed wedding and i believe this is their best one yet. The ceremony took place at the Church of Ebenezer Bible School, which is also our first time there. The place is so peaceful and big and the dorms look like old American houses. Anyways, check out Germay and Rea's SDE by Trebor Z AudioVisuals.

Germay and Rea Wedding

PREPS Garden Orchid Hotel | CHURCH Ebenezer Bible School Chruch | RECEPTION Astoria Regency, Zamboanga City | PHOTOGRAPHY Roy Guilly | COORDINATION & STYLING Saym & Bylna of Betterdays | LIGHTS & SOUNDS Sure Audio | FLOWERS Patti Mae | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z AudioVisuals | SHOOTERS Robert, Louie, Joana, Mark | EDITOR csz97
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