~~Lumayo Ako~~

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Iniwas niya ang mga kotse

nagpapatintero sa kalye

isang hakbang sa harap ng bus

Nagmamadali, wala sa sarili

naliligaw sa kalat-kalat na isip

nadama ang kalabit sa balikat

Excuse me? Siya’y naantig

Ako si kamatayan

I beg your pardon?


Late na po ako, kailangan kong tumakbo

Wag kang magmadali

Seryoso ka ba? Wag nagyon

Seryoso, oo ngayon.

Marahil nagkakamali lang hu kayo


Sigurado ka?


Pag-usapan natin ito


Sige, malamang masarap magkape ngayon

Lahat naman gusto ng ganyan

Ng kape?

Na pag-usapan muna ito

Ito na lang ata ang tanging magagawa mo

Gatas at Asukal?

Oo, ngayon, ano ba ang pag-uusapan natin?

Tungkol saan?

Alam mo na, bakit ako, bakit ngayon?

Bakit hindi?

Hindi ko kasi ito inaasahan

Wala namang umasa ng ganito

Malamang, pero ganito,

May identipikasyon ka ba?

Hindi na ito kailangan

Malihim na tao. Wala, kahit papeles?


Hindi sa pag-uuyam, gusgusin na kasuotan?

Ibig kong sabihin, kahit tiklop lang sa salawal?

May problema ba?

Wala naman, pero. . .


Oo, este, hindi ko inaasahan

Ang ano?

Ang appointment. hindi ba masyado..

Alam mo naman pala..

Umm, siyempre kung iisipin

Kaya andito ako

Oo alam ko, pero parang panaginip

Ibig kong sabihin, dito at ngayon? Wala man lang tawag?


Walang katok sa pintuan, bat hindi ka kumatok?

Hindi ako kumakatok

Konting paghahanda sana

Buong buhay ang paghahanda

Jan ka na naman, masyadong matalinghaga

May mga bagay na kailangan kong tapusin muna

Di na kailangan

Madali lang sabihin, may mga obligasyon ako

Walang obligasyon

Kahit isang liham man lang, mga bagay na sasabihin

Sinabi mo na sana

Pero sino ang umaasa nito, sino ang nakakaalam?


Ano na lang ang iisipin nila kung bigla akong nawala?

Kakaunti lamang

Hindi masaydong komportable, siguradong magugulat

Hindi masyadong magugulat

May luluha, sila’y maghahagulgol at aasa sa pagbalik ko

Konti. Hindi lahat, hindi tatagal

Mamimiss nila ako, magdadalamhati, magdurusa

Hindi marami

Ngunit hindi ko ito lubos-isipin

Hindi mo ‘to problema

Pero akala ko, kahit papaano, mahalaga ang lahat ng ito

Marami nang nagsabi niyan

Saan tayo tutungo, ano ang itsura ng pook?

Tapos ka na sa kape?

Hindi masyado, may pagkakaiba ba?

Pwede ako gagamit ng ibang baso

Tama, ako rin, sagutin mo ako, saan tayo dadako?

Hindi dapat sabihin

Ganon ba. Asahan mo na susunod lang ako


Kung hindi pa ako handa, tanggihan ka at anuman..

Hindi ito pinagpipilian

Pag-usapan nga natin, may iba bang daan?

Ang tagal ng kape

Ibig kong sabihin wala bang daang tapatan, anuman..

Masyado kang nagbabasa

Pinaalala mo ako, perong kung..

Parati itong nangyayari


Nagtatagpo at nagsisimulang magpalagay

Natural lamang ito, ang pagdating mo kasi ay biglaan

Hindi ko masyado naiintindihan

Ang ano?

Paano ang hindi mapigilan ay nakakagulat

Okey, sige na, tama ka, ano na ngayon?


Alam mo na, inom nang inom lang ba tayo?

Akala ko lang na gusto mo ng kape…


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Zabala Chronicles

12:05 AM
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El origen de este noble e ilustre apellido es muy extendido por toda Euskal Herria. Este apellido desciende delcaballero Vizcaino Lope Zavala, que acompañó en sus conquistas al Rey Don Pelayo. En Vizcaya fundaron solares en Bilbao, Portugalete, Durango, Izurza, barrio de Iguria (Elorrio), Zamudio, Bernagoitia (Amorebieta), Yurre, Dima, Ceanuri, Lezama, Maruri, Gatica, Ceberio, Marquina Xemein, Munguia, Ugarte (Mujica), Bolivar (Cenarruza), Lekeitio y Luno (Guernica). D. Juan de Zabala e Irusta, bautizado en Sto. Tomás de Bolivar el 20 de septiembre de 1749 obtuvo en 1789 Real provisión de nobleza e hidalguía en la Cancillería de Valladolid.

Trae por armas: Escudo partido, 1º de oro, tres bandas de azur; y 2º de plata, un león rampante de su color natural. Bordura de plata con ocho armiños de sable.

Otros: De azur, tres fajas de gules perfiladas de oro.

Los de Azcoitia: En campo de oro, un roble de sinople frutado de oro con un león de gules empinado al tronco.

Otros: Partido 1° de plata, tres palos de azur. 2° de oro un león rampante de gules. Bordura de plata con ocho armiños de sable.

Bagong Raket?

12:09 AM
Just this morning, as i go to skul, i was silently sitting on the jeep inanely, carrying my sling bag, wearing my dad’s polo that makes me look like a salamangkero..^^ i just got 60 pesos load after 10 long years of waiting. but the traffic post turned the red lights on and the jeep paused. we are at end of the longstretch of canelar street and i can see the new builing named torre dela Buenavista towering with beautiful archs and the pyramid-shaped tip on the west of the structure. As i stare gullibly in it’s loftiness, i gradually heard a sound. It’s a boy singing "tira ibo ku lumipa, tumabay a langi akonapatingi.." I thought he’s singing using his native dialect. I looked at him, his face is so grubby and he carries an instrument made of a used bear brand can and 2 vinyl pipe with one end of each material covered with "semi-permeable"-like plastic sealed by rubber bands and packed as one.. he tapped each and it produced different tones..for short, it’s like an improvised timpani..now, i listened to his song and it was getting clearer..he was singing pla Narda..haha.. he almost finished the song but no one gave him money, even a cent..only a wrapper of sky flakes with tiny crumbs..huhu..wawa man..grabe mga badjao, creative!


3:33 PM

A delicate heart was once broken
It seems impossible for it to suffer another pain
But there a voice from deep inside of you echoes my heart
Calling out to make you realize Inspired by this new-fangled link
To all who feel no love appeal no more
But this wall around you is hard to break down
That’s aiding both our hearts to grow in sorrow
Forget what has been done, and we can dream tomorrow
Save our hearts for card and affection
It’s hard I know, but one thing for certain
Take care of this brittle heart of mine
A throbbing mind calls for of passion
I don’t think I could undergo another torment
But in you, I’ve found warmth
Affection I have never sensed before
What went before should not destroy what comes tomorrow
Don’t crash my innocent heart.
With all this fire that burns between us
Many things can be lost
But so much more to gain If I can choose the world I live in
A utopia I’d make would all revolve around you
Help me complete the game inside me
And help to mend my broken heart…

- o -

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 Credits to fal-name for the artwork .:unbreak my heart:.


12:11 AM
You might wonder what the acronym mean. Well, it’s nothing. Juz wanna express our success in last friday’s ethnic dance competition in line with the opening program for Ateneo’s Social Involvement Month (SIMO). Though we had only 1 night of practice, we still garnered first place with our very colorful and beautiful presentation. Of course, with the help of our trainors, kuya ronnel and the group, who choreographed the dance.

Rather being competitive, our group was so optimistic and cooperative during the rehearsals last thursday night. In the team, everybody were education students except for me. This didn’t bother me at all because we are classmates in our NSTP/FFP class. 6 boys and 6 girls composed the team [Au-au, Geelou, Patrick, Jerson, Robi Jone, Me, Robi Joy, April, Jen, Larraine, Ate Emma, Einishen and with the support of Argie and NSTP-T].

Of course, everyone was willing to dance eventhough we’re not that proffessional in dancing. As the afternoon turns to night, and our tummy starts to rumble, we still practiced though our body starts to become weak. Some of us (excluding me) stole pepsi in the ice chest outside the CDCH. It was a funny experience to all of us.

Then the day came. In the class, we still rehearsed and we polished the whole presentation. Argie and the class prepared the props and Au-au and Pau had already the costumes that they borrowed at DPLMHS. Afternoon i heard the news that we had to go topless in the whole presentation. Whatta-whatta. Well, for the sake of the group, i’ll try my best. :)

Carrying the palaspas, we stood still in the center of the gym as the emcee were acknowledging the sponsors. And when they finished, everybody were cheering for us. All the butterflies in my stomach flushed out and as the music start, all i thought was nothing but the steps. In the middle part of the dance, i started to enjoy dancing while remembering the kalokohan we did during the practices. All my groupmates were looking good. And so it is, the presentation finished so clean and everybody loved it.

I didn’t have regrets being half-naked in the 5 minutes of that day. We won, and we were very happy because we recieved 2,000 php. We had pictorials, and no one have a frowning face. It was so enjoyable. We had a short meeting after. We agreed to spend the money at jollibee and eat chicken joy for everyone in the group. The rest of the money is for the reimbursement of the money that was borrowed for the props.

Very exhausted, we marched from adzu to mindpro until we reached jollibee. 10 years after, we ate and we had time to chat to one another. Well, that’s all folks. Congrats sa atin! have a happy social involvement month to the Ateneans!!
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