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Dear blog, sorry if i dont have anything to post this few days. I have been very busy with meetings and layout for wedding albums. Last week, I finished one album already and i still have to wait for the approval of the client. I hope they like the design and layout because it is really graphical and colorful. The the theme is retro or vintage raging from victorian designs to psychedelic sixties pop art. This week im making a layout for a client of another photographer who we use to work with during weddings. I will feature him soon :D This album doesn't really have a theme so it will be just a simple, elegant layout with a touch of my modern design. I have two more albums to layout and hopefully i will finish them by the middle of the month. Oh yeah, its already September! Oh how time flies quickly. This month, well be having a couple of events including a wedding this friday where i will do the editing for their onsite video. We will also have an improvised photobooth where we will use a Canon Selphy Printer. I already designed the layout for the photo-souvenir and backdrop for the booth, and i also made the growing up video presentation. Tomorrow, i will prepare the video loop which will used as a backdrop for the stage during the reception. So thats it, dear blog. Ill be blogging more of my works and experiences soon after all these mayhem. I gotta lot of things to blog but i have to rest now so imma leave you with a preview of the retro-themed album that i was talking about. :D Truly yours, csz97. ^^

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