Jonald and Cathy Onsite Video and Photobooth

03 September 2010 - My first onsite editing. it was almost cancelled in the last minute because of the stupid incompetent machine that i was using. The software got crazy minutes before the presentation, i guess, because of low memory. But thank God because we made it through and the video was really appreciated. So here is the video. Enjoy!

Credits: Videographer: Jan Santos Onsite Editor: Cedrick Zabala Music: Faithfully - Glee Cast Version Aside from the onsite video, the Seed Interactive team were also the official photographers and videographers of the event. We also had a photobooth which is our first (and, i guess, our last). Here are some photos in the fun photobooth. More photobooth photos here.

Full Credits:

Macrohon-Insisto Nuptials
September 3, 2010
St. Joseph Church
Reception: Astoria Regency

Coordinator: Roberto Bondoc
Photography and Videography by Seed Interactive
Main Photo: Ryann Elumba
2nd Unit/Photobooth: Meryll Catalan
Main Videographer: Johnery Toribio
2nd Unit: Jessa de Guzman
Onsite Videographer: Jan Santos
Onsite Editor: Cedrick Zabala
Photobooth Operator: Fung Kai Choi
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