JoeArt Production

Aside from my work in Seed Interactive, I am also outsourced by one of the top wedding photographers in Zamboanga City, JoeArt Production. I was tasked to do the layout of their wedding albums due to their hectic schedule. JoeArt Production by Mr. Jouie Tamse is known for their striking style of photography. I would like to describe the style as semi-grungy, vivid, well-balanced, textured, high concept, well-lighted, modern, avant garde while staying classic and modern at the same time. The post-processing is thier unique trademark. Laying out their albums is a challenge at the start since i am limited with the number of photos. I only have 40 pages to layout usually in a 8x20-inch spread. It is hard choosing which photo to use cause they are all worthy of a spread. I didn't use too much graphic designs cause the photos themselves are already beautiful. But as much as possible i also incorporate my style and trademarks. Here are previews of some albums i laid out.

Ian and Joey
July 20, 2010
St. Joseph Parish Church

Louie and Katrina
July 16, 2010
Kabasalan, Zamboanga Del Norte

For more info about JoeArt Production you can visit their following pages:
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