Roger and France Postcards

December 28, 2010. Today, we just had a navy ball themed wedding. Roger is an officer of the navy and France works for Globe Telecom. Their prenuptial photos were taken last December 22 at wharf of WestMinCom with the warships as their backdrop. It was so sunny that time and the photos were great but our skin got darker. sayang daw ang gluta, hehe. For the looping backdrop, I made retro postcards out of their prenup photos which is has a 40's look, very reminiscent of days of the world war two. And to top it all, their theme in the reception was "Pearl Harbor". So here are the postcards which i made just before the reception.

Direction and Styling: Joe Harris Kari
Hair and Makeup: Gregorio Fernandez
Photography: Ryann Elumba
Lighting and Editing: Cedrick Zabala
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