What kind of a...

...Zamboangueño am i?

I want to share somethings that i have and haven't been doing as a Zamboangueño. I lived my whole life in the heart of the city for 20 years yet still there are things that doesn't me a good Zamboangueño, if you may. So here's the list:

1. I don't speak Chavano fluently.
2. I haven't tried the famous Curacha.
3. The first time I entered the Fort Pilar and Yakan Vill was when i was in college already.
4. My last visit in the museum was three years ago.
5. I haven't been in Brgy. Rio Hondo and Taluksangay.
6. The first and only time i went to Pulong Bato was just last summer for a prenup photoshoot.

Hmm. maybe this could be my new year's resolution.. :D

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