Carlos and Elaine SDE

The Trebor Z Team just had our first back to back wedding coverage. We split the team into two groups and covered two separate weddings simultaneously with SDE's. My group covered a Catholic wedding and the other group had an Christian (Alliance) wedding. At the end of the day, we were successful in delivering our videos and it's really a sign that we are ready for to accomodate two events in a day. This is important because December is coming and it's the peak season of weddings and events.

Anyways, here's the SDE of our couple, Carlos and Elaine. This couple lives in US and decided to get married in the bride's hometown. Carlos is Latino living in US and it's his first time to visit the Elaine's family here in the Philippines. The music that is used in the video is Lauryn Hill's RnB version of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You", which is their theme song. To add some modern edge, I used another upbeat song, Eyes by Kaskade. The couple were surprised when they saw the SDE. They thanked us personally and said that they didn't expect the video would be done so quickly. The bride was so touched with the effort the groom did in the first part of the video. Anyways, look into this video and see how cool this couple is. :D

Carlos and Elaine Wedding

PREPS Garden Orchid Hotel | CHURCH St. Joseph Parish Church | RECEPTION Astoria Plaza, Zamboanga City | COORDINATOR Better Days by Saym & Bylna | HAIR & MAKEUP Pio | 
GOWN Frederic Rodriguez | LIGHTS & SOUNDS Sure Audio Professionals | PHOTOGRAPHY CWorks Photography | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals | VIDEOGRAPHERS Bong, Reyneh, Dondee, Darz | EDITOR Ced Zabala
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