Vector Text Effects

5:49 PM
The summer classes has come to an end and it has been a fun time for me. For my Digital Multimedia class, I  pushed them to the advanced level of Photoshop and introduced them to Vector illustration using Adobe Illustrator. For their final project, I taught them how to use the basics of flash to create a simple portfolio showcasing their outputs in class. Here are some my favorite works using illustrator to create text effects.

If you want to know how they created their works, click on their name to be redirected to their blogs. Aside from using softwares, I also make them write blogs so that they will realize their new learning and, perhaps, some insights while doing the activity. I see a great potential from these kids and I hope that they will really pursue this career in web development and someday become professionals. Drop by some comments below to show your love :)

ADZU to launch Centennial Coffee Table Book

12:26 AM
Ateneo de Zamboanga Univesity is delighted to announce the publication of a limited-edition coffee table book that tells an extraordinary story of a school’s successes surmounting challenges and uncertainties. Written by Zamboangueño scholars, Pro Deo et Patria: 100 Years of Ateneo de Zamboanga, 1912-2012 traces the history of Ateneo de Zamboanga, from its humble beginnings as a small parochial school in 1912 through its postwar rebuilding and its development into a University.

It is a story of an institution that has been faithful to its mission as a Jesuit and Catholic university in Western Mindanao, intent on transforming lives in a community as fortunes ebb and flow over time. This 200-page coffee table book is a celebration of 100 years of ADZU’s history and tradition of Excellence, Spirituality, and Citizenship with rare photographs of events, places, and people. This beautifully depicted and all-color volume by Ma. Christina A. Cañones, Aireen Barrios Arnuco, PhD, and Monabelle B. Delgado, MA is a valuable reference, a collector’s item, and an ideal gift. Due for release this year, the book is available for early ordering now.

Hardbound books go for Php 2,500.00 each. Orders made before the book launch shall get a special discount of Php 500.00. Take a trip back in time to remember, reflect and revel in some of the milestones and people that have made Ateneo de Zamboanga all that it is today and will be in the future.

For Orders and Inquiries, contact:

Sheila L. Pagotaisidro
Development Coordinator
Ateneo de Zamboanga University
Fax: (062) 991-0870
Phone: (062) 991-0871, local 1009

Sean and Aprille SDE

8:11 PM
It was elections day, and like every other responsible Filipino, me and my family went a public school to vote. After almost 3 hours of queuing, I finally got to cast my ballot and thank God, the PCOS machine didn't malfunction. It's 11am and the crew is at Lantaka Hotel already documenting the preparations for the big wedding of Sean and Aprille.

Sean and Aprille's love story began in their high school days. In college, I saw them together at school. Sean is a well-known dancer in Ateneo and I even got the chance to dance with him during Ateneo Fiesta since we're in the same college. He's such a friendly guy and everyone knows he so much in love with Aprille. But every relationships has its ups and downs.

I heard that they broke up. But soon, their love also rekindled. It wasn't hidden from the public that their love resulted to a cute baby boy. A proud mom, Aprille posted photos of this adorable little angel and I'm just happy to see that they are happy too. And now, they decided to take the relationship in a new level. The young couple finally tied the knot in front of God and their family and friends.

The couple trusted Trebor Z to do their videos and I got the privilege to do the SDE. There so much going on that I didn't have the chance to talk with the couple. I even screwed up their SDE, forgetting to put Aprille's vows. The time pressure of editing an SDE can sometimes take a toll on our decisions as editor. And recently I've been doing a lot of mistakes. It's always a learning experience. Anyways, I was an honest mistake :D Sorry Sean and Aprille. Peace! But I edited it again and here's the perfect video showing the happenings of their special day.

Sean & Aprille
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Vector Illustration: Logo Design

12:00 AM
So, i've been teaching Digital Multimedia again this summer but for IT students this time. We're done with Advanced Photoshop lessons and it's time for them to learn vectors with Illustrator. This week, I gave them activities to practice their vector muscles by tracing shapes with the Pen Tool. It is the most basic skill one must have in order to make vectors but takes a lot of time to master vector Illustration. I asked them create their own logos based on their made-up company or organization. Some were pretty okay, others impressed me but most were just blah. XD hehe. Anywyas, here are some of the output of my students.

Basically, there are 5 types of Logos. First is the Brandmark or the icon/graphic style logo such as the famous Apple Logo and Nike swoosh logo. Second is the Wordmark that simply uses the name of the brand or company with a specific font style / treatment that embodies its brand. It's very common for technology companies like Sony, Samsung, Microsoft and websites like Facebook and Ebay. The logo above and below are examples of wordmark logos.

The third type of logo is the lettermark. It is like the wordmark but it uses the initials of the company which has a long name. Examples of lettermark logo are the logos of IBM, HP and KFC. The logo below is an example of a lettermark. The fourth type of logo is the combination mark. It combines both brandmark and lettermark or wordmark. Some logos like the famous swoosh logo of Nike can stand of its own but if the word Nike is combined, it can be considered as a combination mark. This is also called as a "lock up" version of the logo.

The last type of logo is the emblem. It incorporates the whole name of the company or organization. It is sometimes called a "Seal" such as the school seals and government offices. They are also used in coat of arms and car/motorcycles logos such as Ferrari and Harley-Davidson. The logo below is an example of an emblem.

by Zaid Palma

I also shared to the class some tips on designing a logo. Some of the best logos are the flexible ones. They can be in colored version, greyscale or black and white. They can be placed in letterheads, resized as a tiny icon for a website, enlarged for billboards, or engraved in wood without losing its legibility and brand quality.

So these are some of the creations of my students. Some of them have the innate talent in creating on their own and some really had a hard time just even sketching on their own. I know that not all students can come up with a nice logo such as these ones but all i can do is guide them and give them the materials they need to create one. It's always up to the student if they want to push their limits and do something beyond the four walls of the classroom. Anyways, what can you say about my student's works? Ill post some of their previous works soon. For now, im back in planning my lessons and checking assignments. :D

Abdel and Ain SDE

4:26 PM
Here's another Tausug wedding featuring Zamboanga's famous family, Nuño and Salih. Nuño are very well known in Taluksangay, an old Muslim community in the east coast of the city. Their wedding was filled with prominent personalities and persons with big names. Nonetheless, the wedding is all about the couple. Check out our transitions especially with groom who was very friendly and game to whatever directions we gave him. Here's Abdel and Ain as they tie the knot in their traditional Muslim wedding and Sharia ceremony.

Abdel and Ain

PREPS Garden Orchid Hotel | RECEPTION Astoria Regency, Zamboanga City | VIDEOGRAPHY Trebor Z Audio Visuals

Ghapz and Shamie SDE

4:01 PM
Ghapz and Shamie works in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as nurses. The bride, Shamie, is from Cebu, and they decided to have their Sharia wedding here in Zamboanga. Her family flew here to witness her momentous occasion in life. They were filled with emotions showing how they truly love the bride. The tall and handsome groom vowed to love her forever starting in this beautiful ceremony. Their pagkawin happened at Pavilion while the elegant Sharia rites happened at Astoria Regency.

Ghapz and Shamie Wedding

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