It's in posters, artworks, and fashion. The use of types and fonts has been a classic element in the field of design. Today, there are a lot of different font faces that can be downloaded for free at websites such as 1001freefonts.com and dafont.com. Designers can now use s variety of styles ranging to grungy eroded fonts to fancy retro fontfaces. Some of my few personal favorites are the customized font faces developed and designed by the Last Soundtrack such as the Bleeding Cowboys, the Maple Origins, and Birth of a Hero.

In advertising, font styles are used to attract audiences and may present a certain mood. In publishing and editorial design, fancy fonts are not so practical to use so that the reader's eyes wont be stressed out. Serif fonts (fonts with accents) like Times New Roman and Georgia, are used for lenghty paragraphs because it is more readable than that of Sans serif fonts (fonts without accents). However, Sans serif fonts are used in headlines and posters because it can catch the readers attention.

Today, texts are also used in art. The form of a character can be used to represent an element in an artwork. This is called the art of Typography. Text could be used to convey information both literally and figuratively. Last monday in my photoshop class, we had an activity on typography. Their task is to create a poster that uses typography and vector shapes to promote a certain issue or genre. Here are some of their outputs.

by Rameer Tawasil
Issue: Peace

by Joboy Faundo
Music / Advertising

by Danica
Issue: Premarital Sex / Teenage Pregnancy

Visit my multiply account for more of my students' output.

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