Review 1.1: Don't Eat the Dog

Genre: Musical / Comedy
Type of Animation: Claymation
Creator: Jerome Rousseaux







"Don't Eat the Dog" is a short animation based on a song about little dogs that are eaten by french people. It says that dead dogs that get run over by buses (and even ferraris) are turned into sausages and hamburgers. The setting is in the streets of France where wreckless drivers don't seem to care for the little dogs and leave them dead after running over them. There is one distinct character in the animation that has different roles. He served as the man who is singing in the balcony, the policemen, the priest, the butcher, the driver and the lady who owns the dog.

Technically, the animation is very good in terms of character animation and cinematography. In stop motion, natural lighting is difficult because the production is usually done in the studio. The short film acquired natural looking day light in spite of this difficulty. They also captured the motion of the dogs which is difficult to do. One good factor of the short film is its musicality. Every line conveys a point with wit and humor and without being boring.

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