Camsur Watersports Complex Experience

It is the last day of Animahenasyon and the closing ceremonies will be held at the CamSur Watersports Complex at 6PM. We decided to go early so that we can try their famous wakeboarding. Last night we were intoxicated with Starbucks coffee so the three of us woke up almost lunch time. We rushed to SM (via tricycle) to take our lunch and bought some groceries. Then, headed to the bus station which is just a block away from the mall. After a 15-minute bus ride (to Lagonoy), we stopped at the capitol and hired a tricycle from there to the Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC). Along the way we saw the convention center, where the program will be held later, and a lot of cabins or containers where you can stay there. Upon reaching CWC, we saw a lake with contraptions or pulleys running wires around the lake. We stopped at the reception area, took some photos and went to the resto just behind the reception area.

It was raining hard and the wind was freezing cold so we ordered some hot choco to keep us warm. The people there were very accommodating. I really like menu which is shaped like a board. The walls were decorated with boards too and photos of famous boarders with their autographs on. The place also has a free wifi access. Good thing we had a laptop so we can update our fb's.hehe. There is also a shoppe where you can buy authentic boards, board shorts, shirts, shoes and memorabilias like CWC ballers and lanyards.

After an hour or so, the weather became okay and my sister and i decided to try some wakeboarding. The rental for a board costs 165 pesos including the helmet and life vest. Then you have to deposit 500pesos which will be returned to you upon return of the helmet and vest. You also have to use board shorts and a shirt that is comfortable to use. Because it's our first time, they told that we should try the kneeboard first. They gave us a 15-minute allowance for our briefing and orientation before we could start kneeboarding.

For my first try, i was very very anxious. I was there in the launch pad when all of the sudden these flock of students appeared in the coast nearby. My anxiety plummeted as the thing (the one that pulls the cable) was drawing near me. Then suddenly the cable snapped. My heart just dropped, i thought that was it. For a couple of seconds, we gave it another try. For the second time, the thing draw closer and i said to my self this is it. All eyes are on me and they are like freakin expecting a great show. Then, the thing grabbed the cable that i was holding into and i started to move. The instuctor said that in the start i have to keep my head down and firmly hold the handle in a fetal position. The cable just dragged me all the way to the middle and curved to the right. Then i relaxed thinking that i just have to do the fetal position during the start. The cable just grabbed by upper body and I lost my balance. I released the handle and saw myself underwater. I just felt the audience's dismay and just laughed as defense mechanism.

My sister was next and she kneeboarded smoothly like she did it a hundred times before. I was like "how did she do that!?!?". So i tried and tried until i got the technique. It was really tiring especially in the upper body. I have to exercise more and life weights so next time i can ride the board all day and maybe learn how to truly wake board. Well, for my first time it was really a learning experience for me. Now, i'm a certified boarder and the next time i go back to CamSur, i will surely do it again all day!
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